Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Bittersweet Realization

So a while back, Turd Flinging Monkey was sent a sex-doll for evaluation purposes. He came to a very interesting realization after a week with it, and made this video:
He is quite correct with regards to touch - it is a basic human (in fact, animal) need that is denied to many out here in the fever-swamps of the MRA and manosphere and redpill and MGTOW communities.

Sadly, much "human touch" for men has been the touch of women, in a sexual manner, to make us addicted. Start us young - I did a post some time back about it, might hunt it out again and reread it.

After a little thought, I think that the following might be the gradual evolution of the sex-doll:

* scent - allow the owner the ability to put together a particular scent that he likes

* warmth - not just inside, skin-temperature as well

* breathing sounds

* random sounds - not much, every couple of hours or so

* random twitches - not much, every couple of hours or so

Otherwise, just a "sit there and look pretty" type of thing, as TFM states in his video.

I leave you with this, the state of those just starting to awaken:

Monday, 21 August 2017

Foreign Warnings

So a few weeks back I was having dinner with family, including a step-brother from out-of-town. Several subjects come up - workers, wages, running a business, not doing cash-jobs after hours, that sort of thing.

One of the things that came up was women. Specifically, foreign women.

Very specifically, Philippines women.

One, in fact, married to an NZ man, who brought her over here.

For a while, he was sending money overseas to her family. You know what I mean - supporting her whole family, through his wife, from his life in New Zealand.

Eventually he refused to send money overseas any more. It was a cash-sink that was ruining his life here. Aka the stupid slave woke up to the fact that he was not just enslaved to his "wife", the entire family was sucking down the rewards of his efforts as well. He was enslaved to the lot of them.

What happened?

Blammo. Divorce.

Cleaned out. Lock, stock, and two smoking barrels.

As my step-brother stated: there was nothing involving love in it. It was strictly a financial, cash, situation in her eyes - and in the eyes of her entire overseas family.

Now, if my step-brother would wake up and apply that knowledge to *all* women and not just foreign women...but then if he did, he might look harder at his own wife...

Willful blindness is not pretty to see.

So simply a warning, an anecdote from someone else who witnessed the pain of someone having his world stripped away from him, having his slavery rubbed in his face.

Foreign women, yes, just like that. Our women, yes, just like that.

All women, yes, just like that.

Brought to you by Crap-Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Yuppies Are So Stupid II

The last one was about cars, this one's about houses. Come to think of it, shit in general. Blech.

So I live in a house that was built in the sixties. Solid concrete basement area, tanalized hardwood frame, brick exterior, solid wood floors, etc. Roof was replaced 10-odd years ago.

Of course, being the sixties, no insulation. (Good thing too - in the day it was asbestos and getting that out of the walls basically means tearing the entire house down.) Had to get that in the roof and floor, and you can't get it in the walls easily - requires gutting the whole house, stuffing the walls, and re-paneling. Got a heat pump installed too, still has a functional fireplace.

This is all standard maintenance/upkeep/modernizing that you have to do over the years. For a 50+ year old place it's actually pretty damn good.

Unfortunately this is where the yuppies come in...

Last owner was a builder. Most jackleg sonofabitch that I've ever had the misfortune to fix up after. The shit he screwed up is unbelievable. Not big, big stuff - no - small, stupid, niggling stuff.

The kind of stuff that nobody in their right mind would screw up. Let alone a builder.

Stuff that is, in aggregate, bloody expensive to sort out. Death of a thousand cuts type of expensive.

Example. Over time, the light fixtures break. Usual stuff. They get replaced. If you can't find something that works, you might save up a thou and then get the whole lot replaced with the same (more modern) type. Assuming that you give a damn, which I don't particularly.

Not this fucker and his ho.

They went through and replaced about 2/3rds of things, with such a mishmash of shit...recessed, spotlight, fixture, strip...which results in a heck of a lot of inconvenience. The biggest one is having to keep four different types of lightbulbs on hand.

See, in NZ we have a standard lightbulb and socket that is bayonet type. They're actually quite a pain in the ass, the spring-loading takes some force to replace bulbs, so you can bust the bulbs as you put them in and take them out. (Not something that you want to do with the "eco-friendly" flouro bulbs - when it happens, clean up immediately.)

Modern "fixtures" generally have screw-bulbs. Very convenient, especially for older folks like my parents. *BUT* you can't get these to replace the standard bayonet socket. Very inconvenient.

Then of course, there's various dickwad multi-lamp spotlight things out there. Yet a third bulb to have on hand...

...the stupid fluoro strip over the bathroom handbasin...

...modern LED fuckin' fixtures that you can't replace the fuckin' LED, you have to replace the entire fuckin' fixture...

...and pretty soon you have a shelf that's half-filled with bulbs of various types, just so you have one of everything that you're gonna be needing at short notice.

One day, you just might get the urge to say "fuck it" and go toddle off to get some kind of fixture that fits the general decor of a 50yo house, because you're getting sick of not having the right kind of bulb when one rather "unique" light fixture goes. (It's inevitable and a fiddly pain in the ass to replace. Literally a half-hour of playing around, which you don't want to be doing with a torch. Short winter days, by the time you get home on weekdays you only have the torch as an option.)

That's when you realize that all the modern "fixtures" are shit. Even when they cost about $70 a pop, they're designed badly (deliberate, of course). The only conclusion that you can figure is that the plan was based on a crayon drawing by the neighbors' fuckin' retarded kid, I shit you not.

(Not, mind you, that this is all about the lights in this place. Or any place. This is just one small symptom of the fucktardism out there that ends up in housing. Or bikes. Or computers. Or cars. Or whatever.)

Of course, these prior yuppie owners - despite the hubby being a fuckin' builder - use the most crappily expensive shit out there and put it together in the most jackleg manner, that taking things apart and replacing them is hours of work.

Literally, about 3 hours going back'n'forth. 'Cause they did bright shit like putting wood-screws directly into gib board (Americans call it drywall) which you can damn near piss through and left it hanging on a prayer, some of the screws stuck in with some kinda glue, et-fucking-cetera. Couple that with fucked designs of fixtures, to go with other fucked-up shit that morons do to "fix" things, everything is on a par know-what-I-mean.

This shit is endemic.

It's like the i-stop in certain cars (no, Apple didn't put a car out - Mazda). The stated purpose is to "save you petrol/money" by turning off your engine when you're stopped at the sign/light - you're saving the environment too, yippee whee skip. Reality is that you can idle your car for a couple hours on a liter of gas, so unless you're sitting in a goddamn traffic-jam you aren't actually saving fuck-all.

In a traffic jam - you got fingers to turn keys, don'tcha?

If the battery gets a little bit flat (which it does with all the stop-start bullshit) then the i-stop doesn't actually turn the engine off, because if it did then your car would be dead until you got a jump-start. BTW, from experience it takes about 8-10 stop-starts to where the battery is borderline and it leaves the engine running to keep the battery topped up. IE about 10 blocks in the city.

This's just more superficially-useful yet actually sub-standard electronic junk that can break, thank you very fucking much.

So this is all on the par with electric cars and the like - bullshit that nobody wants, dumb marketing to make it sound good, and the retards who "learn" about this get all smug about it as they drive their yuppie shitbox around. They're about a millionth of a hair above people who watch infomercials, same shit different day.

At least the infomercial people don't generally bullshit themselves. They know it's garbage.

Lipstick on a pig. Might look good, still a goddamn pig. A helluva lot of people do this to themselves, with everything in their lives, with everything that they do, voluntarily.

Muy estupido.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Yuppies Are So Stupid

Good ole AFoR takes down a set of yuppies who tried a combination of virtue-signalling and "we're better than you" on him:
So, I’m talking to these people, and a couple of them are from schenzen or however you spell it in china, BTW *the* place to go if you want to see hybrid electric vehicles and infrastructure to support the same.
The phrase “range anxiety” crops up again and again, “FUCKING BULL FUCKING SHIT!!!” is my response.
Range anxiety is something I had back in the seventies riding a fucking hardtail chopper with a 1.2 gallon peanut gas tank with no reserve on a sunday when most of the gas stations were shut and the *next* one was 60 miles away.. so I carried an extra can of gas.
NOBODY today has range anxiety about an electric vehicle, it is 100% a complete total fabricated bullshit marketing lie.
EVERYONE has refuelling anxiety, a regular car can be refuelled from empty to full in 5 minutes, an effective power transfer rate of megawatt/hours per minute, take your regular fuel pumps away and replace them with gravity fed tanks with no more than 10 cm of head and use a fucking drinking straw to transfer the fuel and lo and behold you have duplicated the electric car problem, it takes fucking HOURS to refuel.
Like, suddenly all the petrol and diesel car drivers will be whining about “range anxiety” and not the fuckin stupid refuelling system that refuels at a rate of centilitres per minute
More like trying to fill your petrol tank with a syringe that holds 1cc, over and over as fast as you can (something like 6cc a minute). Trying to put 1 liter into the tank at that rate will take slightly under 3 hours.

I got curious and looked up the Nissan Leaf, then had a yack to a couple of friends. One of them had looked at it and said his wife couldn't get over the "range anxiety". She was afraid she'd forget to plug it in. I told him that that isn't range anxiety, it's a shit refueling rate. When I can go 800km on a tank of gas, refuel in 10 minutes, and go another 800km - plus carry gas in a jerrycan if I get stuck in the wop-wops of New Zealand - range means squat. Refueling is key.

Any rate.

As AFoR states, with a 24kwh battery-pack, that's 240 volts at 10 amps for 10 hours to charge it up (that's at 2.4kwh per hour). Remember the syringe filling your tank at 6cc a minute, above - that syringe is faster than this dogs-breakfast charges.

I then looked at the fast-charge option: 4.4kwh per hour and will supposedly charge up to 80% of full within 30 minutes (note that fast-charge systems tend to fuck the batteries). I ran that past my mate above and he said the numbers don't seem to add up. Given he's an electrician on hydroelectric dams, he ought to be able to get his head around the numbers better than I can.

There's some bullshit there.

Next look at the price for these things in New Zealand: $40k brand-new (which you can't get any more because they stopped selling them). At that price, I'm not surprised. For $40k you buy a "car" with an absolute maximum range of 120km, that you have to charge nightly for 8+ hours. It's basically limited to driving around town (60km out and 60km back).

That same $40k will buy a fuck-ton of bus tickets. Or uber rides. Or standard taxi rides.

Hell, you can buy a $2k junker - spend $5k on fixing the worst problems with it - and the remaining $33k will keep you in gasoline and tyres and servicing for the next 8-10 years. Better, you don't have to come up with $40k cash or be going into "finance" debt to buy the fucker.

Real bonus, you can go anywhere in the fucking country with it. You're not stuck to town.

Imagine: You go on a day-trip. You get 100km from home then have to charge up for 10 hours while you enjoy walking around wherever you've arrived. Then you drive another 100km back home, to charge up overnight for the morning. Hope your parents don't call because one of them's suddenly gone into hospital. You ain't goin' nowhere.

Tesla? The starting price is $120+k.

For even more fun, imagine what it takes to recharge these things. Everywhere you go, you need to plug it in. If every car on the road is electric, that means that every car park on the side of the road in towns and shopping centers and motels and etc has to have an individual charging station. They, plus the electric equivalent of a petrol station, will have a massive powerline coming in.

The people making these charging stations will be creaming themselves with joy at the thought of so much cash and upkeep and replacement and etc. Even more joy for them, because every electric car is different. Different connectors, different voltages, different rates, different capacity, different-different-different.

Power-cut? You're fucked.

This is where you realize that only dumbass yuppies and fucktards with lots of cash buy this type of shit. It's their personal status-symbol, virtue-signalling, I'm better than you mentality.

Diesel and petrol will be around for a long, long time.

This is shades of Brett Stevens of Amerika writ large: sodomize the weak. Including the weak-minded. Which Tesla and Nissan are doing very well, thank you very fucking much. Keep it up boys, these morons desperately need and deserve it.

They're actually gasping for it.

AFoR is actually quite a nice guy. He explained it to these fucktards, rather than let them trip merrily along on their juvenile way.

My 20yo junker? I can go 800km, refuel, do another 800km, refuel again from a jerrycan in the trunk, and camp out and watch the night sky, shooting-stars, fire on the beach, etc. All in one day. Or just do one 800km stretch, stopping various places to enjoy the sights - mountains, beach, forests, peat swamps, museums, etc.

Go up 90-mile beach, spend the night up Cape Reinga. Putz around all the bays on the way up and down. Take in Bay of Islands. Good shit like that.

When the weather gets better, I'll take a week or two off with my camera and head down to Whirinaki Forest and do the waterfall loop track. The Pinnacles in Coromandel. Lake Tekapo in Canterbury has awesome clear skies and glacial melt-water. Opal Beach, Milford Sound, Fiordland National Park, and similar places are all on my bucket-list of things to do.

Living life to the full. Not one driblet at a time.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

No Quiet

As an extreme introvert, something that a man over /r/MGTOW states resonates very much with me:
The Present Narrative:
Chase chase chase, compete compete compete.
Put down that game and stop watching porn, learn PUA, learn how to become a master at reading women, wife up that former party chick.
Oh what's that, not having success? Suck it up and quit being a beta male, the world owes you nothing. Try again. So what if you had a tiring work week? Go out and chase that chick otherwise you're a faggot. And put a ring on it. Buy an expensive car and a nice house along with other frivolous bullshit to signal that you have status, it's important.
Huh, she's divorcing you? Your fault, she wants an alpha male and you're still too much like a boy. Quit complaining that you're losing half your shit and need to pay alimony, it's all part of the game. You do like the game, don't you? Because if you don't, well you're just a sore loser.
No peace? No interest. Fuck all of it.
This one strikes the gold dead-center.

I've heard things from married men, also - quite a few of them. Their wives don't seem to like it when they sit around doing nothing. Sucks when you're sick and physically incapable of doing anything.

I could throw out talk about slavemasters wanting their slaves to work until they drop, and why women hate mens hobbies unless they make teh wimminz lives better, and why men who go through debilitating sickness (ie cancer) suddenly find themselves divorced, etc.

It's all been said before. There's no need to repeat.

A long time ago, I stated that personal time and space is gold for men.

Remember that the whole PUA-sphere is also interested in whacking out your personal time and space (so that they can sell you their latest snake-oil for $$$, never forget that).

Business also. A lot of what I deal with is dumb bullshit that basically takes up 80% of my mental energy and workspace and time. Cut out the horseshit, work for 4 hours a day, and my productivity would be massively higher. I'd also have more mental time to relax and chill out, enjoy things that are good for me and my health, do stuff around my home, and similar.

Of course, if I'm tired I don't get the chance to think things through clearly and tell the boss that he's a fucking idiot. I mean, just imagine saying this to the boss: "Let me get this straight. I do Oracle DBA work, SQL Server DBA work, I've done Cisco networking, server work, programming, all of which you pay me six figures for - and you want me to adjust some fucking PA's Outlook because you're too cheap to hire a $30k a year entry-level computer person. You're pulling my fucking leg, right?"


Part of whacking out your personal time and space is so that you don't have the mental energy and space to think clearly. Which is why women do the same to their boyfriends and hubbies in the off-hours.

'Cause if you were thinking clearly: once she stopped putting it out (aka enslaving you to her vagina) and pulled the pin on the fat-grenade, then you'd look at her and either smack her up a bit for the bullshit or walk the fuck out.

Monday, 3 July 2017

The Divorce Grinder Is Real

Over on /r/MGTOW, another link to Statistics Brain which I originally used in my post about the Divorce Grinder that I put up several months ago.

One of the commentors states that this is wrong, bullshit, etc - and states that Statistics Brain doesn't cite it's sources, etc. (Which it does, it's just that the CDC hasn't yet posted out the September 2016 statistics that were used. Us ordinary peons don't get that info the moment it's been generated, it goes first to people who pay out the nose for it.)

Now, there's quite a lot of apparent relief in the post. Even the op is saying that he's glad he posted it, else he'd live with the misconception.

I hate to burst these men's bubbles - and not to shit on the commentor who states that the Statistics Brain people are wrong, wrong, wrong - the Statistics Brain people are correct. Here is how you actually calculate these statistics on a yearly basis.

This is the basic data that I've dragged out of the CDC's website - I've chosen to use Page 16, the 2006-2010 statistics for all women (the stats are roughly the same as for men, a 1% difference). I've put a 0 in there as a beginning data-point, because hopefully you don't get divorced 3 seconds after marriage (and there's no 1-year percentage to start from):
Now, put it into an excel chart to show a rough trend of divorce over the 20 year period:
From this, I've done something that is not the greatest - I've had to dice things up to get a general percentage per year (ie 4% after 1 year, etc). Here's what it looks like when you start with a million marriages - remove a percentage the first year - then the next year, remove another percentage from the marriages that remain (because the other ones are already dust) - and keep doing it ad infinitum:
And from the 10-year line, there was a 10.8% chance of a marriage still existing after 10 years when using 2006-2010 data. Note the peak number of divorces at the 5-year mark, the numbers going down from there as the number of marriages remaining from Year-Zero dwindles.

When you throw in the data from the latest key-statistics it looks much worse and more like what the Statistics Brain people state:
That is only using existing information, not extrapolating it into the future - as the Statistics Brain people have done. So yes, the 6.4% chance of a marriage surviving more than 10 years (aka a 93.6% chance of a marriage failing within 10 years) looks to be real numbers.

It's a bleak look through Crap-Colored Glasses™ today. Marriage and divorce is still a massive shit-sandwich of pain.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Reason and Truth

Partly inspired from someone on /r/MGTOW:

Subject the world to your reason. Let nothing be safe. There are no sacred institutions that are safe from your reason.

Who the fuck came in and dismissed you? Like you aren't allowed to formulate your own thoughts? Like you aren't worthy or smart enough to come up with an idea of your own?

This is how many people are made to feel the first few decades of their lives. Even as you get older, these days, this is the same attitude of the greater number of society. The great herd, the brainwashed, the absorbers and passers-on of groupthink, the pathetic "people" who are so developmentally stunted that they are only capable of spouting "socially approved" ideas.

Those who treat everything else as ultimate heresy.

Now take a look at people like that. Poke your finger into the mentality behind what they do. Stir it up. Pull your finger out. Wipe the boogers off. And say to them:

"Who the fuck are you to tell me that I'm ignorant and should think thus-and-so? Who do you think you are? What makes you think that you have the right to take a steaming dump on my thoughts, opinions, and life? You can keep your authoritarian mind-control horseshit to yourself. Go fuck yourself."

In the end, only you can determine what to you holds truth and meaning and worth.

Whether it is the degraded truth of the drug-addict willing to do anything for their next fix, or the transcendent truth of attempting to improve yourself and perhaps improve the world. The descent into the pit, or the climb out of it.

Brought to you by Crap Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

No Authority

I've just finished reading a new book, added to the bookroll: "Trust Me, I'm Lying" by Ryan Holiday. I found it a bit tough to get through. Or perhaps, more accurately, to choke down.

Ironically, it's about how blogging is used as a source by the media, plus how it can be manipulated for profitable and/or destructive purposes.

In our era of Fake News, these are the sources: blogs like this one, and facebook. Though to be more accurate, other blogs - this one will never become mainstream. Something that I'm glad of, it allows me to keep it as an outlet for the bullshit that I see in the world. The stuff that I'd rather not spout to my acquaintances - why fuck them off by shitting over all their illusions? Just asking for trouble.

Vegans, climate alarmists, pro-lifers, leftists/socialists, anti-/pro-gun, feminists, etc. It's their religion. Some members are more fanatical - even completely fruitcake - than others. Shit on their religion? How hard do you want to be slammed into the wall?

As Ryan Holiday states, referring to public crucifixions in the manipulated media: No wonder only morons and narcissists enter the public sphere. Unless you have the millions to 

That's a thought which has always been a little uncomfortable for myself. Narcissism and hubris, having a blog, thinking that it will of some value to someone else. Trying to avoid being too click-bait-y, wondering if it's just self-wanking horseshit at times.

Fuck it.

At any rate, we see it everywhere in the manosphere. Various of the well-known coming out with books and the like. Anything to monetize. Especially now that the value of advertising - and especially YouTube - has dropped like a stone. Snake oil salesmen. Amplifying the inner pain, selling a "sure-fire-guaranteed" anodyne.

Here, let me jab you in your most painful spots with a red-hot poker - call you a pussy when you walk away from me - hold you up as a shining example of a pussy for all the others to see when you don't rise to my bait - and sell my snake-oil anyway. Either way, you are gonna help feed me, motherfucker.

Wonderful mentality.

In a medium which is so ephemeral, it's easy to fake authority. Amusingly, that's what many self-help books are all about: fake it until you make it. Fake authority until you start bringing in some $$$ - a self-reinforcing feedback loop.

WikiPedia, touted as a free online encyclopedia. Started (possibly) with the best intentions in the world. Result: articles being fucked around with willy-nilly by whoever on the staff has an axe to grind today. More irony: you can still use it as a reference in college/university, which goes to show how low things have fallen.

Fuck Fake News - fake information. So one day the media decides to do (or someone fakes them into doing) a snow-job on Julian Assange of WikiLeaks and turn him from an information hero into a "creepy rapist" with the help of some very questionable sources. How soon do you think it will be until that potential disinformation gets into WikiPedia?

InfoGalactic? Are you absolutely certain that is not being subtly fucked with in some manner? Like climate alarmists: "I know that I was wrong the last 100 times, but you should trust me now!" Like the boy who cried wolf: "Help! Trust me! What do you mean I'm lying...oh shit..."

Sounds just like a false rape accusation, doesn't it? What happens when the boy has cried wolf one time too many?

Originally, the News made certain to get the truth. Sadly, the old days of Walter Cronkite and co are long, long gone.

Nothing becomes true any more. Nothing becomes trusted any more. There is no authority.

Let me describe what could be called the nightmare scenario, in this world where everything is electronic. All information. Nothing is physical any more. It all exists on computer chips and hard drives, both spinning-rust and solid-state.

What do we do when that information is scrambled?

It could be. Very easy to do. The cause can range from the prosaic, through to the semi-apocalyptic.

Data corruption. Spinning rust degrades. Solid state drives can crap out. Magnetic tape loses it. Optical disks degrade over time. It will happen with magnetic bubble, and holographic, and whatever. Something didn't get copied from old to new, and now you can't read the old. Shit just happens.

Virus. Ooops, there goes all your long-saved family photos and your insurance and suchlike, and goddamn what a pain in the ass it is to get it all together again. Do you remember your email passwords? Tough shit if you don't, and tough shit for the older emails too.

EMP pulse. Some terrorist or whack-job sets off something in a town or city. Everything electronic within a few blocks gets wiped. Including the government records of you owning X property and the bank records of you owning Y money.

Massive EMP pulse caused by a nuke in the stratosphere. Goodbye every piece of unshielded electronics in the hemisphere.

The Sun does a coronal mass ejection which just happens to hit the planet. Kiss it all goodbye. This happened back in the late 1800's, killing telegraph operators and causing massive currents in the earth. Goodbye every piece of unshielded electronics on the planet.

Go back to building our technology up from the 1920's once more. Assuming that we even know how. How much of that shit is kept electronically? Oops, catch-22 right there...

But we don't need to go that far.

Look at the modern viruses - WannaCry, for example, just this past weekend. Someone took CryptoLocker and fucked around with it and put out their own version. Though from what I heard, there are some...problems...if you do pay the ransom. In that, you still don't get your data returned to you. By design or fuckup? Who knows?

We have Stuxnet out there. Take some completely retarded anarchist. Marry things together, set it loose, leave it to spread itself for a couple of years. Then the payload goes off. All of a sudden, every bit of information is encrypted - or worse, just plain scrambled.

In the old days, the authority was physical. Physical encyclopedias were IT - every house had one. Libraries were IT - every town had one. These days? It's electrical, ephemeral, can be retconned or modified at will. Easily, like when someone manipulates the media to make a few million in the stock-market, or the media crucifies whoever it decides would make a good spectacle.

We take it so much for granted. A house built on sand? Fuck that, a world built on sugar. All it needs is a splash of water and it's all gone.

Without the electronics and records and suchlike - what then?

I've about talked myself out again, for a while. Time to go and do other things. Black Poison Soul, Crap-Colored Glasses™, signing out for a while.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Above the Law

How do you know who is in charge? Who are you not allowed to criticize? That is who is in charge. That is who is above the law.

A recent poster child: Emma Sulkowicz. With that last name, is this an ethnic WASP? No - in fact, it appears to be Polish in origin. So because she's a girl, and an ethnic minority from another country - despite the existence of texts stating "fuck me in the ass" to the alleged rapist - she was allowed to carry around a mattress at all times. She passed this shaming attempt off as "performance art" - of course, the feminists loved it.

She even got to carry it up on the stage when she graduated. This is basically not allowed - yet she and her supportive female friends still did it. There is someone who is above the law.

Next to look at the case of a 14yo girl who was apparently raped at school in Rockville, Maryland. Seems that the alleged rapists were a 17yo from El Salvador and an 18yo from Guatemala. At least one of this pair is an illegal immigrant. Sexual acts forced upon the 14yo by this pair supposedly included:

* vaginal rape
* anal rape
* forced oral sex (oral rape?)

There has been quite a blackout in the mainstream media about this, though I did manage to find the link above to Fox News. Looks like nobody else mainstream would touch it. From what I can tell, there may or may not have been semen and blood recovered from the crime scene.

From what I can tell, both the 17yo and 18yo have been let off scott-free (no surprise for the 17yo, he's a minor). There are two more people who are above the law.

Bound and determined, the media is, to keep things silent. After all, can't have the narrative of "poor, poor victimized people, lets give them a helping hand" tarnished by the facts of them ganging up to rape little girls.

Or maybe that's why pizzagate has gone silent in the news recently. They want their chance at the little girls and boys too. So if you keep it all silent, they can have their shot.

At any rate, if you or your parents weren't born in America - instant get-outta-jail-free card. Pretty much no matter what you do, you can get away with it, you're above the law.

Brought to you by Crap-Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Winners and Losers

Over on Amerika.org, Brett Stevens has shown where the AntiFa and various protesters against Trump came from. The short version: unemployed college fucktards, the ones well-indoctrinated but without enough talent to actually get worthwhile work.

Shades of my post on the real enemy: those running the indoctrination centers otherwise known as "higher education" and "academia".

Ann Coulter is pissed off that Trump seems to have sold them out. A lot of the Alt-Right seem to be. Puh-leaze, it was inevitable if you look at it through Crap-Colored Glasses. (Though I'll admit that I didn't see it in advance. Eagle-eye hindsight here.)

Back when Trump won, all the lefties were screaming and crying that he was gonna press the fucking button. "We're all gonna die!" I pointed out to the fucktards that even if he did, it wouldn't start WWIII - too many checks and balances, the ones in control of sending the missiles would stop it if there wasn't a damn good reason.

That's the whole fucking point of all those checks and balances: to stop a fucking madman from doing that shit.

Similarly, Trump has been blocked from building a wall, etc. Now the Alt-Right is wailing and gnashing their teeth. "He sold us out! He lied to us! He's cucked!" Et-fucking-cetera. No, dipshits. The checks and balances of the senate are blocking him from being too extreme "in their eyes". He's currently finding the limits of what he can actually do (short of declaring Military Law or having the worst blockers assassinated - though pictures taken through a scope might make 'em think a bit, without actually killing 'em).

He's stuck with what he's stuck with. He's run into the so-called deep state. It's not like the entrenched powers-that-be are going to let him turn them out of their nicely feathered nests. It's not like he has several million experienced people to replace these fuckers with. (You're experienced and willing? Are you doing something to help the situation?)

Winners and losers. Looking at America and Trump, England and Brexit, France and Marcone.

How did Trump get in? He promised people less competition (immigrants) and more work (Make America Great Again). Effectively a pork'n'beans election platform for those going through tough times. The lefties vote their free bennies, the more moderate and right types vote for renewed pride in self and country and the chance of honest and worthwhile work again.

This is possibly the mentality behind forcing some of the multinational corporations to repatriate some of their trillions of dollars. And probably the mentality of revamping the H1B system to stop people from having to train their overseas replacements, too.

How did Brexit win in England? It promised people less competition (immigrants) and more work. Is there a huge surprise that it won - especially from the downtrodden Brit's? Hell, even so, it's being watered down by the fucktards of the English "deep state".

How did Marcone win in France? His opponent could not (or did not, I'm not certain) promise work. She just promised to keep the rapists and criminals out of the country. Given the mentality of "it's not going to happen to me" I'm not surprised that she lost and the lefties won. There wasn't enough "what's in it for me?" for the voters to go for her.

So there we have it.

No wall between America and Mexico. Pity. Thinking about it, the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) could build that fucker quick-smart. An awesome bunch of engineers - and it would be:

1/ involve the Army (helping it to be built up)

2/ bypass a lot of the feathernesting and backhanders to the politicians and bureaucrats

The second point alone would be a massive cost-saving exercise.

As various people have stated, Trump only needs to begin the process to make a helluva change for the better. He doesn't have to railroad it straight through from beginning to end.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Democracy My Ass

Everyone goin' on about de-mock-racy, de-mock-racy, de-mock-racy.

De-mock-racy is failing! It's failing, I tellya! We needs ta vote in someone to fix the problems!


We live in a plutocracy.
Plutocracy or plutarchy, is a form of oligarchy and defines a society ruled or controlled by the small minority of the wealthiest citizens. The first known use of the term was in 1652.
Go look it up on Wikipedia or Infogalactic.

Defines the political system of the West 100%.

Of course, it's not a "pure" plutocracy. Oh no! It masquerades as a de-mock-racy, a front to hide the bullshit and lies. A complete mockery.

Because when it costs several million dollars for someone to "run for office", it's only the fuckers who have the $$$ who get there. Just give the retarded "public" the illusion of having a choice in the matter.

Who do you choose:

* Candidate A, a democrat with $$$

* Candidate B, a democrat with $$$

* Candidate C, a democrat with $$$

* Candidate D, a republican with $$$

* Candidate E, a republican with $$$

* Candidate F, a dark-horse "independent" republican with $$$

All just pigs vying to see how long and how much they can get their snouts in the tax-gravy of the public fuckin' trough.

Now, if you're lucky, you get the chance to "vote" in a more realistic pig who actually decides to give cleaning the mess up a solid go. Because it's no fuckin' use having $$$ if everything is going to hell in a handbasket and the $$$ become as worthwhile as the currency of Argentina and Zimbabwe. Or the country actually turns into Argentina and Zimbabwe.

Especially when the other fuckin' pigs are too fuckin' stupid to see the shit-on-a-shingle that's coming in the future, clear as day and broadcasting every-fuckin'-thing so bright and loud that even the half-awake voters can see what's in the pipeline. (Not the leftists. Those fuckers are asleep at the helm. Nobody home, you betcha.)

Brought to you by a bleak look through Crap-Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Do You Get It Now?

So I've been reading a few of the semi-recent articles out in the PUAsphere. It seems like every few months someone mouths off about "oh the 8+ girls just aren't bitchy on the whole", etc. They admit that there are a few, very few and far between. Mostly though, not bitchy.

Of course, there's always "reasons" why. As I remember seeing, a commentor stated: "Yes, because you can be nice as pie when everything has gone your way all your life." That man was looking clearly.

I suspect that there's some form of "why you hate good-looking bitches bro?" behind the mindset of these things. Possibly also a chunk of "she's pleasant - you gay or something bro?" in there too. Like, you should be panting just for the opportunity to attempt to run your game on her.

In my opinion, they just don't get it.

Look at women today. Even the "no makeup" has touches of blender and concealer and whatever-the-fuck they call it. Because the gunk screws up their skin. The full makeup - there's a reason that it's called fakeup. It's especially bad when it's OTT.
You get to where you can see through it and it just turns you off. Because you have the experience to know that what's underneath is nowhere near so pretty.

Stop. Step back. Look at pretty women.

How much of their looks is fakeup?

How much of their personality is fakeup?

Oh yes, she has a "nice" surface. Once you've had the experience with many women though - not just dating/fucking, I'm including knowing them well as friends and looking through Crap-Colored Glasses™ at how they actually act - the underneath becomes far more evident.

You start to smell the entitled mindset that underlies the pleasant manners.

You see the bland emptiness, the brainless fluff that a lot of men find "entertaining".

You become aware of the drama and gossip that they seem to find worthwhile in life.

It starts to grate.

To the point where it turns me off. (I can't speak for others, though I suspect that many have a similar reaction.)

Do you get it now?

We are attuned to the crap mindset. The personality. The expectations. The entitlement. The doublethink and lies that she tells herself. "I'm a good person, I would never cheat on my man!" "Oooohhhh, that guy makes me soooo horny!"

They'll even admit it to you, sub-rosa. Come up to you and say: "There's something about your smell that really turns me on." This when you know that she's got a long-term boyfriend, and she knows you know, and you know she knows you know, and all that doublethink is going on. Because she's offering you the option to subtly make a pass at her. So she can see if you're any good in bed, in which case *pow* you're now her boyfriend and the prior is going "wha? whuh? eh? huh?" and looking around dazed.

Which a lot of guys will do, fuck a girl behind the boyfriend's back. It's the mindset behind the old PUAs boyfriend-destroyer routine, and the people who target married women. "You just weren't man enough to keep your woman, so I fucked her behind your back. Tough shit pal."

"I'm not a prostitute, but fifty bucks is fifty bucks."

"I'm looking for a long-term relationship with good chemistry. (I'm horny, fuck me senseless!)"

When you really internalize the sub-rosa thinking, and understand the hidden entitled thinking, you can take advantage of it. Eventually though, you get bored as hell with it.

My thinking has become: "She's just another woman. Nothing special there. Don't bother, not worth the effort."

The PUAsphere can make the sub-rosa or overt shaming attempts if they wish. They are simply clueless for the moment.

Enough experience with women, they will start to get the same way.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017


Not the usual post, and not for what could be called the "usual reasons" (aka expecting civilization to crash'n'burn). I'm not saying to have a SHTF bunker hidden in the hills, with solar panels and ten different firearms and enough ammunition to kill an army.

I live in New Zealand. Because of that it's always good to have emergency stuff handy. Whether for potential tsunami, eruptions dropping ash, heavy storms wrecking powerlines (or flooding places like Edgecumbe and causing slips through Coromandel and eastern/central New Zealand), and earthquakes (Christchurch multiple times, Wellington, and Kaikoura - all recently).

With all this, basically it's a good idea to have something to throw in the boot of the car and GTFO when you need to. It's also good to test it, taking a week-long camping-style trip (which also uses up old stuff which you can then replace).

Food: tinned beans, spaghetti, stew, fruit, tinned fish and meat, tinned desserts. Nuts and raisins. Heat'n'eat stuff like what comes from the Kaweka Food Co - meals for one, you just need boiling water. Milk powder and tea, oxo cubes, cup-of-soup. A couple of 10-liter containers of water. Enough of all that for a week (for one person) costs less than a hundred dollars.

Cooking gear: butane camp stove and a couple of gas cannisters, camp cooking gear (if you like tramping and hiking - otherwise just an ordinary pot), plastic knife/fork/spoon/chopsticks. Plate/bowl/cup are optional, generally just eat and drink out of the pot.

Other gear: torch, lantern, batteries, medikit, basic medicines (asprin), wet wipes, paper towels, toilet paper, some form of digging tool, a medium bottle of hand sanitizer, water purification tablets, waterproof matches, a couple of decent knives, sharpening steel. I also include a lifestraw.

Optional stuff: fishhooks and line if you want to do the "living off the land" thing. Take some basic nylon line in the boot, a proper rope can be handy. A sharp hatchet if you want to make campfires (and learn how to use a Dakota Fire Hole and feather sticks, firesteel, etc). A proper axe or chainsaw is a good idea if you're likely to run across downed trees where you're going.

The food will all fit into a single plastic bin. The rest of the gear will fit into another. (Okay, maybe not the axe/chainsaw.) One person can pick a container up and put them into the boot, 1 minute tops.

Other bits'n'pieces to throw in: a few plastic supermarket bags, 4 sets of undies and t-shirts and singlets, a warm jacket, a good down blanket or a sleeping bag. Don't waste time with a tent, you can sleep in the car with the windows cracked open - I've done it many times (make sure you have a rain guard). A couple of books. Time to get together from scratch, 5 minutes tops.

Pets: depends what you have. Take food and extra water. If there's a bona-fide tsunami coming, you're in the washout zone, and your damn cat won't play ball...

Optional stuff, for whatever reasons: 12v compressor and an air-mattress, 12v appliances (you can idle your car for an hour without chewing up much gasoline), a jetboil (for 2 minutes to get boiling water - I'm seriously thinking of one), whatever the hell else catches your fancy. It's a good idea to keep 10-20 liters of gasoline in the basement in case you need to top up before you go, take the remainder with you (make sure the container is a good one).

For those who are thinking of an RV or camping trailer to live (or retire) in, consider an ordinary car and converting a cargo trailer:

Have a bit of fun, plus some weekend trips for practice and to see something new (for a week-long roadtrip, think about overnighting at a campground every 3-4 days just for the chance to wash clothing and shower).

Live your life.

Sunday, 30 April 2017

The Real Enemy

Back on my post about how nothing has changed, commentor Eduardo the Magnificent stated:
Trump has said from Day 1 that he wanted to defund some government programs and beef up the military. Presumably, the funds would be diverted from one to the other. Knowing that, yeah, he was probably going to get mixed up in a skirmish somewhere. Many people here equate country with military, so "America First" = strong military. Many sports teams wear camo for federal and memorial holidays.
All that being said, Trump wasn't supposed to be a savior, only a step in the opposite direction, and hopefully get some winning momentum going. I think many of his supporters will consider him a success no matter what if he builds the wall. We'll see.
I've been thinking about this, as well as digging through AFoR's old posts (and working my ass off, and hiking, and etc).

Well, I've finished up AFoR's stuff and am digesting it a bit. Have also been getting back into reading my "regulars" again. Turns out that Brett Stevens over at Amerika has come up with a lot of interesting stuff about Trump and the strike on Syria and etc - mostly that it was a signal to the Russians and Chinese to back the fuck off.

To me, this makes a good deal of sense. So yes Eduardo, I now think that you are right.

We probably won't see the full results of fixing the shit-sandwich which Trump has been handed until after his term is over (perhaps well after). Of course, his successor(s) (of whichever political party) will be the one(s) taking the credit if things turn out well.
Some other things that Brett writes are very interesting also, including his take on Anders Breivik. Who has apparently taken the Norwegian court system to task for inhumane treatment (he's been in solitary confinement - it seems that some of this has been relaxed).

To recap: Breivik killed 77 people (here's some of the names and ages) at a Workers' Youth League camp. The Workers' Youth League is Norway's largest political youth organization, affiliated with the Norwegian Labour Party. Aka the Left, as it were. (Note: the Norwegian Labour Party is currently in power.)

This has some disturbing parallels of Hitler's "Kraft durch Freude" or "strength through joy" concept. The basic idea was to send hardworking Germans to a seaside holiday camp (most ordinary Germans at the time had never seen the sea). There they would take part in planned activities and suchlike, with the ideal aim of turning them into National Socialists or at least sympathizers.

From the point of view of lower-class people being able to experience middle-class lifestyle (at the time) this was one hell of an enticement for people to become Nazi's. Some 10-odd-million people had been through it before WWII broke out. Also: don't forget the Hitler Youth, another political youth organization.

With this comparison between then and now, Breiviks' actions become rather more interesting than the "mass murderer" commonly depicted in the media. He:

* realized that the culture of his nation is being destroyed via immigration of scum

* correctly identified the real enemy of his nation as being those in power who imported said scum

* struck at the roots of the indoctrination system being used by those in power to bring up their next crop of useful idiots and various enablers for further immigration of scum

Of course, none of this will make it into the mainstream media. No. He's a mass-murderer, end of story.

So I now begin to understand some of the thinking behind this. (Note that I've not read Breiviks' manifesto - you can find an online copy via duckduckgo or google if you're interested.)
So, we have identified the real enemy: the Left, those in power and their useful idiots who continue to enable them to import rapefugees at a high rate.

The Wests' culture is being destroyed at a great rate by the importation of third-world scum and criminals. Those who do this, along with those who enable them, must be classified as the real enemy.

Shoot them, like Breivik? I'd be a chickenhawk if I said "yes". Though it is good to see that Trump is actually starting to drain the swamp over in America - perhaps the purging of the real enemy is already beginning.

We will see. I'm still a little pessimistic about the whole process.
Looking at our shit-awful social situation at present, we see the very obvious enemy: teh wimminz and their propensity to "ride the cock carousel".

Take a deeper look, a more real enemy is ourselves: we allowed this shit-storm to accumulate through a combination of inattention and laziness.

The deepest look of all though, the real enemy is whoever started and continues the process of pushing this insanity to absurd heights.

Ordinary women? No. They just take advantage of the system.

PUA, red-pill, so-called Chads? No. They just take advantage of the system.

Clueless men who lap up teh wimminz runny shit, put them on a pedestal, worship them, tell them they can do no wrong, etc? No. They're being taken advantage of by the system.

Commercialism, the businesses and people who sell teh wimminz unnecessary shit ("I have another handbag/shoes/whatever, post it up on facecrap, woot look at meeee! I'm speshul!!")? No. They just take advantage of the system.

Feminism and academia? Ah, now we're starting to make some sense...when we think of academia as yet another holiday-training-camp for the shaping of minds for the politically-convenient and enabling views of others...

Brought to you by Crap Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.

Friday, 28 April 2017

Consensual Suicide

In the same vein as an earlier post, I basically think that Leftism has dragged Western civilization into the full-on drama-throes of a mutual suicide-pact.

What else can you think of a group who are very overtly hell-bent-for-leather on importing every piece of scum that they can? Scum who have 100% proved that they are very happy to steal everything in sight, smash everything in sight, rape everything in sight (including animals and dead bodies), and then laugh in your face and tell you that you can't do anything about it?

Here's the map for Germany. Of course, it's bad form to point this out to the retards.

Of course, if we point this out to the suicidal who are doing this - we get screamed at, spat on, hated with a frothing and dribbling insane rage that is flat-out astounding to the sane.

The thing is, a large proportion of the West wants to die.

They want to go over the edge into extinction.

Modern life is so astoundingly meaningless and empty (yay I haz a new handbag! pathetic) that these people have checked out to the point just short of overtly cutting their own throats.

So now the rest of us are stuck watching them throwing themselves over a cliff like a bunch of lemmings, and frantically hanging on to something so that we're not dragged along with the tide.

Hold on tight. Perhaps we can ride the insanity out, let them extinguish themselves, and keep something of worth alive.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017


I've always been somewhat torn between amusement and facepalm groaning at the complete fucking stupidity of all the people who buy into the LGBTQ-whatever and 72 flavors of sexual retardedness that goes on out there these days. Thank you, academia.

Which is funny, because recently I heard of someone who basically screwed up their thesis on LGBTQ-whatever so thoroughly that even academia was seriously thinking of throwing it out. Given how hypersensitive academia is about this, and how they lap up the runny shit of anything dealing with it, you have to basically figure that it was a massive screw-up.


The best part, though, is still the warped thinking about all this that's going on out there. As I believe certain people have stated, there is:




So these retards in academia and femicuntism get it 110% wrong when they go on and on about different "sexes". No, it's different sexual preferences.

I think it was Terrence Popp who said something along the lines of: "If you're burned to a crispy crittur in a fire, and they look at the corpse, what do they see? Plumbing: 'This one's a woman, this one's a man.'"

Never mind. The stupidity will not-breed itself out of existence, along with the retarded ones who are easily brainwashed into believing this type of shit.

Both ways, evolution is removing the unfit.

Friday, 21 April 2017

Warning Label

There's an old saying: "She should come with a warning label."

Thankfully, many girls actually do. Better, they voluntarily put on those labels just for you'n'me. You see it all the time, you know the type of thing:

"If you can't handle me at my worst, you sure don't deserve me at my best." (You have no best.)

"I should come with a warning label." (No shit.)

"A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle." (Fish have no legs to use a bicycle. Bleakly and ironically literal, actually.)

And of course, there's the usual red-flags that the halfway sensible man will pick up in a heartbeat and run like fuck away from.

A couple of days ago I was driving home after work and ran across an exceptionally well-labelled example:

* number-plate that said something along the lines of "meeeeee!" (Not the exact plate, you get the idea though - got to love personalized plates.)

* decal on the bumper that said "cute but psycho" (Actually said that.)

* a stick-figure family showing one child and one girl with a bunch of shopping-baskets (Single-mommy shopaholic warning. Not even a pet cat.)

We just have to thank these girls. They show every single reason to stay the fuck away from them, totally unmistakably. Just keep your eyes open for it, they're always there.

An amused look through Crap-Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Laziness vs Insanity

I ran across a thread on /r/MGTOW about a man who swore he would never work with women again. Reading his horror-story (and similar from the various commentors) I can totally understand it. I've noticed it myself, where the stinking admin team (and the finance team) where I work is infested with these pieces of whining shit. (See my post on "She wants to be stupid" for an example.)

To be blunt, women are a cancer in the workplace. If every woman was summarily kicked out of the workplace there are plenty of men who would be happy to step up to the plate and do worthwhile work there. It would also save a lot of wasted time and effort for the businesses involved.

Since that's not going to happen, men who avoid these types of workplaces are doing their bit to destroy the companies involved. This is a good thing. Do your best to enhance that decline and collapse of the unfit.

From a higher level, looking over the workplace and social landscape, I see:

Laziness: The expectation that others will do all the work for you.

Insanity: The expectation that lazy people will change.

Neither is true. Thank God!

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Nothing Has Changed

After some thinking prompted by Eduardo the Magnificent, I have changed my mind.
Originally I thought that Trump might have been a wake-up and shake-up sort-it-out for America.

Now I'm pretty-much thinking that nothing has changed. Just another dark-horse candidate who turned out to be the same as the rest.

So let's start another war in the middle-east: blow up an airfield in Syria.

Niccolo Machiavelli in The Prince states:
Men ought either to be well treated or crushed, because they can avenge themselves of lighter injuries, of more serious ones they cannot; therefore the injury that is to be done to a man ought to be of such a kind that one does not stand in fear of revenge.
You crush them or you do nothing.

Empty mouthings by talking heads signify nothing. Only actions speak truth.

What truth does that single strike on Syria tell us?

"The military-industrial complex is going to have a good run of business for the next 4-8 years."

America doesn't absolutely need oil from the middle-east. If they want to, they can be very much energy self-sufficient. So they're just poking their nose in someone else's business, one of the most stupid damn things people ever do. (Gonna get that nose chopped off? Dumbass...)

Farewell, America. Stick a fork in you. You are done.

I will have to come over there in the next year or two, to tick a couple of things off my bucket-list. Grand Canyon. Grand Teutons. Yellowstone Park. That sort of thing. While I still can, before things get worse.
On an unrelated note, I see that Uncle Bob has not posted for over a week. I'm hoping that he's okay. Man is older than I am, hope it's not something unfortunately medical-related that's happened to him.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Prostitute Analysis

I've seen and heard of quite a few girls getting into "difficulty" (it's kinda hard to pay the bills when you're enough of a bitch to drive even the most love/lust-drunk man away). A few seem to be drifting into the casual prostitution arena. So here's a (very rough) analysis of the $$$ involved for her to make ends meet, plus the other non-$$$ costs of being a whore.

Professional prostitute, very rough income and expenditures:

* $150 for 1 hour of sex
* $-50 to the government in the form of taxes
* $-50 to the whorehouse you hang your shingle up in

150 - 50 - 50 = $50 cash in hand per hour

To make ends meet you probably need $750 a week cash in hand. That becomes:

750 / 50 = 15 customers a week

Of course, most of this isn't going to be in the normal 40-hour work-week. You are going to be working weeknights and weekends. You are probably going to get no more than 1 customer a night, perhaps 2 on occasion. The rest are on the weekend which means you have to be available at all times, even though you might not get a customer for several hours straight.

That means: 15-30 minutes travel time, 1 hour with a customer, 15-30 minutes travel time, and finally 15 minutes to clean yourself up. You can probably expect 2 hours of time per customer.

$50 per customer / 2 hours = $25 an hour

Because you are working weeknights and weekends, you don't get to socialize with "normal" people. You socialize with other sex-workers and low-lives and hospitality workers. You're competing with the local freely-available sluts and the whores using Tinder. (Call it "whorefinder" - as good a name as any.)

BTW if you have children, you need a minder - one that you usually have to pay. That comes out of your take-home $$$.

Casual "whorefinder" prostitute, very rough income and expenditures:

* $50 for 1 hour of sex
* $0 to the government in the form of taxes
* $0 to a whorehouse

The time taken is the same, so they get paid roughly the same: $25 an hour.

Now, your casual "whorefinder" prostitute - or just the opportunistic little slut who propositions a man for a few bucks so they can have a good night on the town - may not seem like much. They have some things going for them though:

* they are young (generally about 16-20, probably some "18yo" 14+yo's as well)
* they have no expenses (at least, until they get preggers)
* there are a LOT of them
* they drive down the price of sex for the professional prostitute

They also have disadvantages over the professional prostitute:

* nobody knows where they are (if things go wrong)
* nobody is checking them for STDs (the whorehouse generally insists and pays for this)
* they're generally stupid enough to have sex without protection

(Future single mommy and breeding-ground for every STD under the sun, you betcha. I do not recommend going for the casual "whorefinder" type. You're really asking for trouble. As Popp would say, a jab in the butt with unicorn blood and a harsh talking-to from your doctor.)

There you have it, all you wimminz. The grim reality of being a prostitute: 15+ customers (aka different men fucking you) a week, at $50 per fuck, you don't have a lotta choice on quality if you need the $$$ bad, you have to get checked for STDs regularly, you have competition from the sub-20yo crowd, children are very awkward to deal with, no real social life (certainly not with ordinary wimminz), and what's the chances of getting married etc to a good man if that's your fantasy?

Men, if you must bust a nut in a woman stick with the $200+ professionals. Less hassle and risks than the "whorefinder" lot and the general quality is going to be better.

Every soccer-mom wants to be a whore. Every whore wants to be a soccer-mom.

Wimminz, the choice is yours. You can pretend to be pleasant and happy and accomodating to 15+ horny men a week (looks and quality varies). Or you can genuinely be pleasant and happy and bring up a family and be God-damned grateful for the one man who keeps you all going - and not having to suck the cock and spread your legs for 60+ different men each month. (It gets worse if you're older.)

Women, if you must be a whore, then be a downright filthy whore for your husband. It's a much better lifestyle - be careful not to detonate it, or you might find yourself as a real and more desperate whore.

A bleak look at the realities of prostitution, brought to you by Crap-Colored Glasses™ - only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.

Monday, 3 April 2017

She Prefers To Be Stupid

So a few days ago at work, I got to talking with one of the girls in admin. Blah blah blah life blah blah blah you get the picture.

So she reveals something: she actually went to university as a STEM major (in fact, electrical engineering).

Being a curious idjit I have to ask: Why is she doing admin grunt-work?

Her: She doesn't want to use her brain.

Which kinda floored me at the time. (Of course. When I think of things, I think as a man - if it's something I enjoy, something I'm good at, and it makes good money - do it!)

So a few more questions come out, it turns out that she was employed elsewhere where she had to use her brain. She didn't like it. (Part of what she didn't like was the responsibility involved, too. Being in charge isn't fun if the buck stops there when you screw up. And when there's nobody else to blame your screw-ups on.)

She then reveals: She much prefers where she is now, in the local admin team. It's more social than where she was before! (She was the only chick.)

I know that she has no boyfriend, though I always act as if she does. I seriously doubt that she will ever get one - imagine the student loan debt she has racked up. She sure isn't paying that off on roughly $40k a year (before taxes).

So ask yourself why she went into STEM. If your answer was "she was looking for a STEM husband" then ding! ding! ding! you won yourself a gold star.

She failed.

The really humorous kicker though: she's Malaysian. That's right, YAWALT, even from foreign girls. (Who often have a highly entitled attitude. At least, the ones who make it to New Zealand. Perhaps that's to be expected - they probably got sent here by their parents, rather than getting here through their own blood-sweat-tears.) So she's come over to NZ, to try and snare a deluded NZ man.

This woman has actually managed to prove that you can turn even a STEM career into a Worthless™ degree. She shows that even Asian girls who do STEM degrees can screw their lives thoroughly and end up on the "worthless piece of shit" scale.

Go figure.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Media Going Full Retard About MGTOW

So I've run across this:

First men, now boys, are 'Going Their Own Way'

To which I would reply, but - of course! - you must signin to their site. No thank you. I prefer to remain relatively anonymous.

So I will reply here:
The real divorce rates out here in the real world:
50% of all marriages fail in the first year.
93.4% of all marriages fail within 10 years.
This is the first marriage. Second, third, etc marriages the statistics are worse.
Source: http://www.statisticbrain.com/marriage-statistics/ - their cited source is the CDC, National Survey of Family Growth. Date for the source of their data: September 1, 2016. You have to look at it and do a little lateral thinking. Because it's not baldly stated as failures - the Statistic Brain people actually state that there is a "6.6% chance that a first marriage will survive 10 years". So you have to think for a moment to realize that if only 6.6% of marriages survive, that means that the remaining 93.4% of marriages will fail. Which these days means it ends in divorce.
There is your effective communication and genuine care for young boys. There is the first bit of information that every child of both sexes should learn. There is your focus on having respect for other human beings. There is the modern version of give and take: the divorced man gives, the divorced woman takes. The lawyers also take. The rest of society prefers to sweep the problem under the carpet.
Nothing happening here, move along, lalala I don't see anything - like the three "wise" monkeys: see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.
Substitute "painful truth" for "evil" and you have a more accurate rendition of reality. The monkeys are not wise, they are chickenshit.
Telling children that "it’s about learning to communicate effectively and genuine caring" - you are being ironically humorous. It takes only one to detonate a marriage, it takes two working hard to make it work. If one person can destroy it with no immediate repercussions, and the lawyers are happy to help the process along, then the behavior starts to spread. Why not, it's being encouraged.
The teenagers are seeing with their own eyes what happens. They can feel it in their own guts as what should be a loving and warm place of nurturing and growth turns into a battleground. As what should be a loving relationship turns into a painful breakup. They walk out of that, wondering what is going on. What they have been told is lies, what they are being told "should be" is obviously wrong, they have seen or experienced differently. The shell-shocked often turn to criminal activity - research it and report on it honestly, if you dare. (You may lose your job. Three "wise" monkeys.)
Now go away. All of you. Do not come back until you have full knowledge and acknowledgement of the problem and a working solution to this social disease. A solution that will last while humanity exists (millions of years at least, hopefully).
News outlets. Full retard at their finest - pap-filled non-solutions about "communication" - no wonder people call them "fake news". All they can spout is the "party line" upon fear of being fired.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Big Brother Is Doxxing You

You want to find out everything about someone? (Police arrests, family, history of living locations, sex offenders list, etc.)

Instant Checkmate

Not free, of course.

No stalkers will ever use it, of course.

No serial murderers will be interested, of course. ("Find me the location of all Sarah Connor's in Los Angeles.")

No criminals will use it for identity theft, of course. (Or answering the "what is the name of your cat" question to get into your email.)

Nothing could possibly go wrong!

Brought to you by Crap-Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price. (I really should raise my prices. Maybe I should create "Crap-Colored Glasses™ Consulting", just for fuckin' laughs.)

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Consent and Terrorism

I have been thinking for a while, about the concept of consent. On a very sub-rosa level mostly, given various dribblings from Feminazism in the past re rape and consent and suchlike. It boils down to the old and very sensible maxim:
You can't rape a willing woman.
The fact that she changes her mind after the fact of consensual sex does not change what happened. It was consensual sex. Never mind the insanities of the left and feminazis and the white knight brigade and etc.

A few weeks ago a girl I know had a little bleat about Fifty Shades of Limp-Wristed-BDSM. She proclaimed to all-and-sundry that she'd not read it (yeah right) and said that what bothered her (aka got her all hot-and-horny bothered) was the non-consenting nature of it. (She hasn't read it, yet the non-consensual nature bothered her. Mental disconnect.)

Puh-leeze, retard. Anyone and everyone in the BDSM scene is by definition 100% aware and fully-consenting to be treated like shit, used as a toilet, beaten-and-tortured, repeatedly forced to orgasm, forcibly penetrated at random (most especially when they say "no! please! no! stop! no!" and cry uncontrollably), with whatever objects that their "user" want's to penetrate them with, et-fucking-cetera.


This is on an individual level.

Step back and take a look at a cultural level.

Aaron Clarey has an excellent piece on why he doesn't care about the latest London terror attack:
Before you accuse me of being cold, heartless, evil, or a psychopath, understand the point of this post is one akin to the Serenity Prayer. A very important philosophical epiphany many people never realize, but should as it is vital to their psychological well being and mental health. It is one of accepting reality and not getting worked up in the world of theory. And the London attacks, like previous and any future terrorist attacks, are/will continue to make my point until the point in time something is actually done about Islamic terror. And I strongly suggest you set aside emotions, politics, and even your own sense of self-survival to clearly see and hear the point I'm trying to make.
First, "What is it this time?"
Be it the Nice attack in France.
The bombing in Germany's market square.
The Boston marathon bombing.
The Cologne sexual assault party.
The Orlando gay night club shooting.
The hotel bombing in Mumbai.
It's very apparent that nothing new is going to happen. The media will immediately rush to say it wasn't confirmed that it was a Muslim who did this. Then, when it's discovered it was, they will rush out to say Muslims fear a backlash in their communities before the bodies get cold. There will be furor on the internet on the right demanding we "do something about this." And people on the left will rush to say it's racism to point out the attacks came from Muslims.
But in the end NOTHING different will happen.
In this he is 100% correct. Nothing different will happen.

Why is this?

Because the Western world is - at least on some level - 100% aware and fully-consenting in it's own suicide.

Sweden. Norway. Germany. The USA. If they were not suicidal, they would stop it.

A bullet to the back of the head. No problems. Finis.

So I left this comment:
Who says that you have no soul, Aaron? I think that you have plenty.
You are simply being realistic. These "victims" are fully consenting "adults" in their own self-destruction. On a deep level I think that they are fully-aware of it also.
You don't get paid to keep them from committing suicide. You don't get points for keeping them from committing suicide. They have the full right - muh freedumb! - to commit suicide.
On that deep level, inside themselves, they are so miserable on an existential level that they are 100% okay with committing suicide. On that deep existential level, they are quite happy to help their fellows commit suicide also. This is why they scream and rant and froth at the mouth whenever someone attempts to stop them.
What they don't have is the right to commit murder, of you and your family and friends. So protect yourself and avoid the suicidal. Let them die on their own.
Remember. They do have the right to commit suicide, individually and as an aggregate. They do not have the right to commit murder.

In the face of such overwhelming idiocy, let them have at it. Just keep your distance and treat it as a filter, allowing only those who are not suicidal into your lives.

Remember that 99% of the world is retarded. You don't have to allow them under your skin, or into your lives. (Stoicism? Hmmm.)

Good luck and live well.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Training and Breeding for Sexual Dysfunction

From Captain Capitalism, about Millennial women:
It is worth listening to, simply to understand the thinking of most of these women. This includes all women - Gen X, Gen Y, the Millennials, and the generation that is being brought up right now.

The brainwashing is real.

The worthlessness is real.

Do not feel bad for these arrogant and moronic retards.

So even though I'm a MGTOW, as Aaron says, I do keep a line open. Not jumping at the retards though. They're too stupid to be attractive. "I have a bag" - yeah. Wonderfully attractive. Enjoy their misery as they go through life and shake your head at their stupidity and do your own thing.

So stepping back - where does this stupidity begin?

Right from the beginning. Feminism and leftism and stupid education. Brainwashing. When the lure of a piece of paper is more important to these retards than bearing children and having a stable life and home.

You can think about it in this manner - there are three types of women in this world.

Slut: pick her up in a bar, fuck her, throw her out when you're done. Whores fall into this category and are more honest about the whole process. It's just a cum dumpster.

Fucktoy: may start or meet as a slut, fuck her every week or two. She's the type in a PUAs rotation. Call her to ask what's up, tell her to bring the movies, let her out when she's done. Mistresses fall into this category. Just a slightly updated cum dumpster that you're a little more pleasant towards.

Girlfriend: you definitely won't meet her as a slut or fucktoy. The J.O.B. isn't about the piece of paper or the handbag or whatever. The J.O.B. is simply to keep her alive and going until she finds the right man. She is your genuine unicorn aka NAWALT, and as I've written you might run across a couple of these in your lifetime. If you didn't find her when you were young - too bad.

Special note: a divorced woman or single mommy is in the slut/fucktoy category. Not the girlfriend category. A proper girlfriend category will not play the field or detonate her nice, happy life just for the chance to jump some other cock.

So, where the stupidity begins. Brainwashing at the modern schools coupled with overwhelmingly stupid peer-pressure from the retarded other wimminz around them all.

See the world around you now. Back in my day, kids started experimenting sexually at 11-12yo. It's simply human nature and curiosity. This sexual promiscuity starts naturally young. When harnessed and yoked it built Western society.

Now there is not really much to strive for (whether because sex is too easy to get or the women aren't worth having) and many young men are simply checking out of the process of Western society. Which is why we are in decline. Even I have pretty-much checked out, having given up on owning my own business, having given up on making loads of money.

There is flat-out no point when there is no woman worth having and it's getting too late to start having children anyway.

Going back to the harnessing and yoking of human sexuality to build Western society. Camille Paglia and her comment: If civilization had been left in female hands, we would still be living in grass huts.

Civilization is going back into female hands. We are in the process of going back into grass huts.

Sexual liberation. Mandatory sex education in schools. Mandatory drug education in schools.

So as I've written, some 20-30 years ago I knew a girl who started as a whore as a 12yo. Vaginal, anal, oral, protected and unprotected, no problems. No standards, it's all about the money honey. By the time she was a 17yo she was fat and past it and had a drug problem. That's 5 years as a whore, good money coming in, life barely started and she's already gone. It went out as fast as it came in.

Some 20 years ago I knew a girl who started having sex as an 11yo. She caught an STD and became sterile. Once she was a 14yo her mentality was: "Yay! I'm now legal!" No money coming in, life not even started, and she's way past gone. Already through the grinder and a biological and evolutionary dead-end. Attractive as fuck? So damn what? A dead-end.


Lack of standards.

These days it's worse. In schools, children under 10yo are being taught the various flavors of sexuality. LGBTQ-what-fucking-ever. Sensitivity training. Special toilets just for those who identify internally as what they aren't actually in a biological sense.

A know a girl who is basically tattoo'd trash. She has an 8yo son. He has a little female friend. "Don't worry mummy, I won't leave you. I'm still a homo." A fucking 8yo boy who has been brainwashed already to be/think that he's a homo. She just loves-loves-loooooves her little bear. (In literally those nauseatingly gushing terms, vomited all over facecrap.)

Take a modern girl-child at 10yo. Look at her. Then look at a modern 40yo Gen-X woman.

I actually have vastly more respect for a Gen-X woman who honestly tells me that she has had something like 20 different men in her life.

Because I know that by the time that 10yo reaches 15-18yo, she'll have taken 20 different men up her ass. That's just up her ass. More men than that in other sexual ways - vaginal, oral, hand, tit-fucking, group, bukkake, etc.

"But wait, BPS! All 10yo's? You're kidding, right?"

Probably not all, no. A vast number, though. There will be the occasional unicorn/NAWALT. There are the occasional girls who won't fall to the bullshit and brainwashing and peer-pressure. Don't hold your breath.

That whore. That sterile girl. Mentally dysfunctional. Fucked in the head. Emotional messes. The whore, if she is still alive, might have a child - also fucked in the head. Because most single mommies pass that down to their children. A whore with a drug problem? Yeah, right, that kid isn't going to have an emotionally stable upbringing.

We are more than tolerating this insanity. We are actively training and breeding for it. "You go girl." Going back to the grass huts, where the morons fuck around and drama and horseshit is the end-all of life, and the lazy-yet-attractive men are the only ones who have kids.

Getting worse. She haz a handbag. Ooohh, yippee fuckin' skip, how fuckin' exciting and meaningful her life iz.

What can you do?
A bleak look through Crap Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.
Some extra attic salt.

That 10yo would do vastly better in life if she were groomed for one special (older) man as a wife. Which they used to do, when they married girls off before 15 if at all possible.

But then, that's why they used to marry young girls off early, didn't they? None of this nicey-nicey feelgood crap about human sexuality and reality. They knew the score.

That's what built Western civilization.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Keep Sockin' It To 'Em

Something that's so true: The USA Is The World's Bitch

I absolutely have to love the image of teh wimminz slutz hanging out for that strange cock (note that these are German slutz):
Yes girlz, welcome your new fuckboyz on your back with legs parted! Buncha traitors to your parents and grandparents, who built the civilization that you love to hate and spit upon.

Buncha worthless parasites.

Keep on hitting them, Aaron. A wonderful job.

Celebrating Stupidity

I've been spending a bit of time wandering through Auckland CBD recently. (Also doing some mountain climbing - I won't say where, I will simply say that it was cold and difficult and awesome and I'm stupid enough to think about doing it yet again.)

Around Auckland city there are a lot of poster-stickers put up on several light poles and the signal poles and etc. Their message: "There are over 20,000 children with fathers in prison." (I should have taken a photo. Here's a link to the STUFF news page about it: Maori prisoners children forgotten.)

So this is an outrage, of course. Everyone is up in arms about it, "the Government agencies are failing the children of Maori prisoners". Cue manufactured alarm (as expected from the leftist media where "if it bleeds, it leads" and "bad news sells"). In the link above, there is a lot of bleeding-heart "the poor, poor dears" bullshit.

So reading about it, it's a lot to do with lower-income families. Which of course, you would expect - in New Zealand, childhood poverty has risen from 15% to 29% between 1984 and 2012.

There's definitely a lot of teh wimminz fucking up their most important decision in life:
What is the most important decision that any woman can make in her entire life?
Who she has them with. When she has them. Where she has them. How she has them. Why she has them.
Yet a large % of women and her parents are fucking this up.
 As David Aurini commented on the above post:
"Child Poverty" is a misnomer; children don't make incomes. Parental poverty is the problem - and it's pretty bloody clear that their poverty mainly stems from poor choices.
Of course, it is extremely un-PC to point this out. Teh wimminz make poor choices? Blasphemy! Teh golden vagina iz infallible and worth more than any mere man!

Pull the other one, it plays Judas fucking Priest. (Which reminds me: time to go listen to British Steel again.)

So the real problem, to anyone who isn't a retarded leftist moron and brainwashed slave of teh wimminz, is that the momma chooses to fuck men who are criminals. Plus pumping out sproglet after sproglet from said criminal and his ilk (because there's currently a bit over 9,000 prisoners in New Zealand as of December 2016, and they aren't all Maori).

The fact that this is fucking stupid behavior is not a concern to the bleeding heart stupid fucktards going around and bleating in herds. No. To them, this sexually liberated behavior is the new normal - in fact, to be celebrated.

Thankfully we haven't fallen this far, to the point where generations of incest is normal. Not widespread. Not yet. Though I have heard about a town in NZ with multiple generations of drugs and incest...

Brought to you by Crap Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.

Speaking of Judas Priest, here's a classic song from British Steel:

You don't have to be old to be wise. You simply need to look at reality, be prepared to see it how it is, without the rose-colored glasses and fru-fru brainwashing.