Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Why MGTOW is Reviled by Women

It may seem surprising that MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) is so reviled by women. After all, on the surface, if a man drops out of the bottom of the system then he has no further impact upon women at all. Literally, he is gone from their consciousness.


...just that one, small, niggling problem of a thought...

...how many men like that are out there?

Because...if one man dropped out of it...might there be more?

Maybe a whole lot more?

Is that why there's no good men out there to be had?

I have a blinding flash of the obvious for you:


The good men looked at your shit, shook their heads, and walked away. All that's left are the guys that haven't yet gotten the memo and the Alphas and PUAs who pump'n'dump your entitled, shitty asses.

It appears that the memo may just have reached Team Woman™. Something about it is making them queasy, deep in their collective stomachs.

It's not immediately obvious what might be doing this...

...until you understand the memo on a deeper level of reality. Then you begin to realise.

"He who can destroy something controls it." - Paul Muad'Dib, Dune (by Frank Herbert)

The MGTOW movement is the ultimate threat to Team Woman™, in that it directly threatens the social network (and its underpinning safety-net) that women have created for their collective benefit. It can destroy it. With a finality which will be impossible for women as they are to withstand.

*gasp* We'll have to change! We'll have to cater to *vomit* men! Sacrilege!

Betas and their ilk will leave the building, are in fact already leaving in droves. No money-making schemes or businesses for them, they can live quite happily on minimal amounts of money. No professional work required, they have no families to provide for. They will become akin to the grass-eaters of Japan. This is essentially what young MGTOW are, while older and more established ones will become bachelors if they have anything in the way of Game.

The Deltas and Gammas already left, they've been doing it for years. Each loss erodes the tax base, leaving the socialist safety-net that benefits women ever-more-fragile.

All that will be left are the Alphas, breeding thug children with women who will have to raise them on their own. With steadily-eroding support as more and more men check out and enjoy life in the ways that interest them. (Which is something else that I swear women loathe, the thought of men enjoying life without them around.)

Minimalism has consequences that women never really envisaged, which is how they managed to achieve such an entitled mentality. They thought that there was nothing that men could do about it. Until men realised that a minimal lifestyle is easy, plus it allows them to milk the system just as much as women do.

The more who milk the system, the less goes into the system to be milked, and the more fragile that system becomes. Eventually it collapses.

As they say: if there is an advantage to poisoning the well, the well will get poisoned. Women have been poisoning the well (abusing the system and the men in it) for a long time. Men are starting to do the same in return. Now that poison is leaking out to affect ALL of society.

There is worse, though. Men were the overwhelming majority of those who invented things - in return for fame and money. It was the Beta method of getting a good woman. Now that most of the women are poisonous, fame and money aren't so interesting - and the incentive to invent is gone. All of a sudden, progress drops off, there is no new shit for women to buy, and the problems of technology don't get improved on or fixed.

All these things are parts of why Princess is starting to get a little shrill and desperate-sounding. The Beta bucks strategy that would normally cater to her optimised hypergamous instinct is rapidly disappearing out the door. She's suddenly feeling scared and vulnerable on a deep and visceral level.

I'm not sure if Captain Capitalism has realised, his book Enjoy the Decline might get a lot more attention than he was expecting. Team Woman™ might attempt to mobilise the Mangina Korps™ against him in some manner. He's tough though, short of them managing to go through to full neo-Nazi fascist police-state and arresting him as some form of agent provocateur there isn't much that he won't be able to weather.

Hold on tight. It's going to be a wild and interesting ride - no matter what the final outcome.


  1. Ride a bicycle and save your money. You'll be healthier, the world will be healthier, and eventually women will find your capability and independence more attractive than weak, over-catering betas who try to buy a woman's social privilege with their financial privilege.

    1. Even the women who show up turn out to be not worth the squeeze. To the point of simply not worth being involved with at all.

    2. jtourdet, Interestingly, you mention riding a bike and saving money attracts women who value capability and independence.I find that the reason most women value those qualities is because they dont possess them. I have also been living a MGTOW lifestyle for years without knowledge of the term and the movement,and I can honestly say that from first hand exp, a young man depicting minimalist/ frugal practices in front of material worshippers / professional consumers (i.e. deluded mangina white knights who believe themselves true men defending women's honor + desperate feminazis) makes me seem foreign no matter where I go(guess because I walked out the matrix / off the treadmill of modern societal convention and expectation)
      Nonetheless, by not being a feminist automaton, I have strange women throwing themselves at me, especially in my local gyms. Not because Im the last man alive, but because I have a mind and a will not forged by the femi-fascist economic / social agenda,subscribed to by millions.I also get FB much easier and more frequently, because the number of men who aren't dupes is low. I walk everywhere I go, because that is my way, and I'll see the same slut puppies from the gym / job driving down my block/ past my house super slow in BMW"s and Hummer 3's and other sports cars they are currently not, nor ever shall pay for. I guess they do so to show me their moral support, how at anytime, I can be the 10th- umpteenth guy to ride shotgun in their whore-mobiles.

      @Black Poison Soul--truth **^- your comment is so valid, because once a man gains a reputation of self ownership/ not caring much about LTR and other feminazi induced pressures, then women who are bored with their lives/ weak mangina boyfriends are thrilled to take up the challenge of attracting and holding the attention of an actual male of the species, beyond a few romps behind closed doors.
      I have actually seen young college women dump their bf's in the gym, to feign being single to get the attention of unsuspecting dumb beta white knight with daddy's credit card, or, ME.

    3. @Anonymous - yes indeed. You are unusual, peculiar, strange man, therefore exciting their curiosity, therefore as you say - a challenge.

      Whereas they are bland pap, mush, formulaic, sausage meat.

      I don't get the sense that MGTOW is a movement as such. An idea, an attitude, with as many directions as there are men willing to go their own way.

      We men are adaptable, always have been.

  2. It is really strange. This article can perfectly be the history of my life, down to the letter.

    I too come from minimalism and now interested in MGTOW.

    First started to get rid of unnecessary stuff, now getting rid of unnecessary relationships, dreams, goals...

  3. Goodbye girls!
    good luck making it all work with just secretaries etc.

    1. Shades of Life, the Universe, and Everything - where they shipped off all the phone-wipers and hairdressers to Earth in their "emigration".

  4. Just had to say. For the last ten years I have held the attributes of those who have forsaken relationships with the vile, nagging, gynocentric, raging harpy that has become the western woman. And I am equally elusive of the gold diggers outside of the west. I have never concealed my intense dislike for this devolved creature, the "woman" and my willingness and want for nothing more than for her to be gone by sunrise. Especially since I have gained currency by disregarding her over the years to the point where I have accumulated real wealth. I am sure there are exceptions to the rule in the less than fair sex. And I am equally sure I will not chance on finding that small minority.
    Only in the last year have I trolled the internet to see if perhaps others felt as I. By pure accident I fell into Sandman, Angry MGTOW and of course our favorite Aussie from MGTOW 101. I had never heard the term MGTOW and had no reason to convert as I had already witnessed "the light" of being completely non envious of my divorced friends or hopelessly wrecked friends who had long lost their files to cut through the bars of their self constructed prisons. I had been told in the past that the reason for my discontent was my rough childhood with my matriarch and aunts. To which I answer: 1) I have no discontent and am thoroughly delighted in my freedom 2) thank God for my rough childhood as I now have the cynical self defense skills to never fall into the vagina trap of miserable matrimony.
    Alas though I have a name–finally. I do not hide in the shadows.

    1. No "conversion" is needed. Congratulations and enjoy your life without the lunacy.

  5. 30 been MGTOW for 10 years. And much happier

    1. Congrats, you learned your lesson early, brother. Enjoy your happiness!