Thursday, 14 December 2017

No Money, No Honey

The old saying: no money, no honey.

At least foreign (non-Western - especially Russian) women are honest about this. For those who've dealt with them, it must be quite the relief. (Personally I've always noted these women as being a pain in the ass anyway - YAWALT - so not really bothered with 'em.)

For the sort of thoughtful man who tends or intends to accumulate wealth, it's worth taking a closer look at this mentality. (Okay, women too - there are a few - good luck finding one of them who is available.)

In the modern society where living paycheck-to-paycheck and spending everything as soon as it comes in is the norm - plus spending more on credit and going into massive debt - a finer nuance of the above comes to mind.

"No money spent on me, no honey for you."

Effectively the oldest profession in bald words: whore.

These days a whore is actually cheaper than a girlfriend, in terms of time/money/sanity costs. Once done, you pay them to go away. Far cheaper than dating, dining, wooing, marrying, and keeping one of the modern whores known as women in your life. One who can spontaneously go whenever she wants, taking 50+% of everything you've ever built up in your life.

Yeah, there are a few women who have sensible mindsets. For them it is: accumulate more money, honey. They're already taken, don't bother looking for that NAWALT.

I found out recently how my Auckland businessman friend can get yet another Russian bride in his life: he doesn't own anything. If she fucks him over, it's all held in trusts, and apparently pretty good ones too (he hasn't been screwed over yet after three divorces).

I still think he's crackers. All that time and money lost, trying to crawl into a hole that he wants to "keep" around. Some people, status symbols, ah well. At least he's keeping something together to pass on to the next generation (his kids by the first whore, and nephews and nieces).

Here's to you buddy. Just don't goddamn slip up, alright? A few million dollars going bye-bye 'cause you screwed up will hurt pretty hard.
Amusing - as I'm about to publish this, there's a post up on Amerika regarding estate taxes and tax reform. In it, the old grasshopper vs ants analogy comes up again, as the masses of fucking worthless poor living hand-to-mouth chow down on the riches that the more thoughtful and prudent attempt to gather together.

Leftist leeches - like Nancy Peloski - need to be thrown into the street to starve. That's the fuckin' shitbag left for you though: they're happy to make it all work by spending every fuckin' cent of your money.

What's mine is mine, what's yours is everyone else's. You didn't make that. (And fuck you too, Obama.)

I especially love this bit:
If you want people to genuinely care less about tomorrow or their children, then by all means take 50% of their net worth via inheritance taxes so they can’t pass it on.
Fucking priceless because it's so obviously true. Fuck the whole load of mealy-mouthed bullshit about "it's for the childreeeeen". Instead: eat, drink and be merry - for tomorrow we'll steal more of your hard-earned sweat so that we can party like it's 1999, and in the process we'll take a piss on your front step and smear our shit all over everything in sight, before we all die.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

On Cooking

Reading through this festering nightmare of a blog you'd probably expect me to be complete piece of shit, fucking asshole, misogynistic pig, people-hating, ratbag, other-man's wife-fucking, etc etc etc whose blood boils over at the slightest provocation.

Fucking oath.

However (there's always a however) I do have a few soft spots. One of them is actually for children - even though you'd expect my attitude to be along the lines of "are they best baked, fried, or roasted?" I really don't like it when they get the shaft, which they do on a regular basis in our current society.

Another soft spot is cooking. I kinda enjoy that. Something almost peaceful and zen about it. Also healthier than many other habits out there.

Of course, most women can't cook for shit. (What? You expected me to keep teh wimminz out of it? Bah humbug!)

That said, this post was actually inspired by a woman having lunch at work a couple days ago. A few sprigs of limp-looking lettuce, some pathetic-looking crumbed fish. What really bought it to my attention was her grumbling aka semi-bitching about how bland it was.

Because I kinda have a soft spot with food (90kg weight-training fat bastard that I am) I actually talked with her about food. (The other reason is that I've known her for over 15 years, I know that she's not a complete cunt. Say what you like, there are a few. That doesn't make her a NAWALT of any stripe - just not a complete cunt.)

Gave her a few ideas, in the process it kinda struck me: younger single guys also sometimes have trouble cooking. Not because they're useless or anything, it's because they've not been told the basics behind it. (Plus many cooking sites are just recipes and cutesy shit for a group of 4, etc. Overkill for single men. You also don't learn squat about cooking from a bunch of random recipes.)

So here's your basic, reasonably minimalist kitchen guide to gear and cooking and the *why* behind some of it.

Gear - you need the following:

1 small teflon frying pan with lid (enough for 2 scrambled eggs or an omelet or the like)
1 small pot with lid (enough to boil an egg, a kumara/potato, a carrot, some peas and the like)
1 plastic spatula (don't bugger up the surface of your teflon frying pan with a metal one)
1 plastic slotted spoon (easy draining/serving from the pot)
1 large bamboo cutting-board (about 1 x 1.5 ft or 300 x 500 mm)
1 chef knife (Global brand - be warned, it's sharp enough to take a finger off)
2 paring knives (anything that isn't utter crap - you will get these as sharp as the chef knife)
1 water sharpener for the Global chef knife, use with all the knives (with extra ceramic rollers)

That's all the cooking gear you need. You're not baking a cake, you're not making cookies or biscuits or scones or the like. This is for basic day-to-day cooking. (Note: no ceramic knives in evidence. Anywhere. That shit is just too delicate for jobs that your chef knife will handle with ease.)

I'm gonna assume that you don't have a problem with how to make sandwiches, cereal (oats soaked in milk overnight in the fridge is good), scrambled eggs, various forms of salad, smoothies, etc. What people do seem to have a hassle with is the making of a proper end-of-day meal - what we call "dinner" in New Zealand. (I forget what it's called in America. Supper?)

Here is your real basic meal.

Mains: chicken breast or steak.

Boneless, skinless chicken breast costs about $2 per each in New Zealand (that's 250g or 1/2 pound of chicken - you can get 1kg or 2 pound for $8 here - yes, it's generally cage chickens, too bad).

Steak, a decent cut of 1 inch / 2.5 cm thick rump, I buy for about $22 a kilogram from a good butcher (*never* buy cheap cuts from a supermarket, it's generally mystery meat that's been glued together with meat glue - I'm lucky in that all meat in NZ is grass-fed beef).

Cooking meat in the frying pan: put in 1 tablespoon of butter (olive oil and coconut oil are not recommended - olive oil degrades with heat, coconut oil has a very high heating-point). Turn heat to medium. Note: your meat should *never* be frozen inside - if it is, leave it in the fridge for 24 hours to thaw (or on your bench for an hour or so - just make certain that the dog/cat/flies/whatever cannot get at it).

Chicken: put in the pan, swirl around quickly once, flip - that gets melted butter on the top. Grind over it some salt and pepper or whatever spices you prefer. Cook for 10 minutes. Turn heat to medium-low (1/4), flip, put the top on the pan. Cook for 5 minutes. Remove pan from heat, remove chicken from pan, leave on plate to relax for 5+ minutes. Makes perfect juicy chicken.

Beef: put in the pain, swirl around quickly once, flip. Again with the salt and pepper, or you can use some form of sauce if that's your preference. Cook for 6 minutes. Flip, cook for 6 more minutes. Remove pan from heat, remove beef from pan, leave on plate to relax for 5+ minutes. Makes medium-rare steak (might need a little longer, depending on the thickness of your steak).

Note: the concept of letting meat "relax". A lotta people don't know what this means. The thing is that with the above cooking, the inside of the meat isn't fully cooked yet, plus the juices around the outside are still very liquid. If you slice into the chicken/beef the moment it comes off the pan (or BBQ) the juice will come pouring out of it, leaving you with juice/blood everywhere on the plate and your chicken or beef rubbery and somewhat tasteless.

When you let it relax, the heat in the outside does a little bit more cooking inside plus the juices seal into the cells of the meat as things cool, plus you don't burn your damnfool mouth 'cause it's too damn hot to eat right away. Give it a minimum of 5 minutes, 10 is better.

Sides: steamed via the microwave. Use a large-ish bowl. Half-fill with broccoli, sliced carrot, defrosted peas, possibly even corn (not on the cob). Put in 1/4 to 1/3 cup of water. Cover with a plate. Nuke on high for 2.5 minutes. Be careful, it's hot! Remove cover, drain away the remaining water. Perfectly steamed vegetables (carrot may take another 1 minute, try it and see).

Cooked in a pot: 1/3rd fill with water, salt, bring to a boil. Dice in 1 carrot, cook 3 minutes. Chop in 1 kumara or potato, cook 3 minutes. Add 1/2 corn on the cob or 1/2 cup of defrosted peas or broccoli or cauliflower, cook 3 minutes - or until you can get a fork into the kumara/potato easily (not rock-hard, not flaking apart like mush).

Couscous (carb): you don't even need to cook this. Put a 1/4 cup in a cereal bowl, 1 teaspoon of butter or olive oil, 1/2 cup of boiling water, let it sit for 2-3 minutes (maybe stir once or twice). It soaks the liquid up. If you taste a little and it's still hard, add a little more boiling water.

If you like fried mushrooms or mushrooms in gravy, slice the mushrooms into the pan after the chicken/beef is put on the plate to relax. Stir them around and flip them a few times. Add water to dissolve the crunchier bits of chicken/beef, perhaps some chicken/beef stock if you have it on hand, a teaspoon to a tablespoon of flour well-stirred into things to thicken them up right before serving (a spot of milk also optional for milk gravy). Salt also optional.

There you have several options for simple meals - 1/2 hour tops to cook, take 10-15 minutes to eat, clean up immediately once done. (For cleaning your teflon pan: a soft sponge, hot water, a squirt of soap - do *not* use any form of scouring pad, don't use a scrubbing brush, you'll fuck the surface in a few short months and have to buy another one. Or go batshit crazy as everything sticks like superglue.)

For myself, being in a cutting phase at the moment, I'm doing fried chicken breast and steamed broccoli with salt'n'pepper and some cheese melted over the top. Sliced tomato with salt'n'pepper as another side. Could do steamed or raw carrot too, if I wanted.

Have a play. Enjoy. Remember two things:

* undercooked (semi-raw) chicken = puking and shitting your guts out overnight or a visit to the hospital

* too-rare beef = not so great stomach plus potential visit to the hospital

Your mileage may vary on the last two bits. Depends how young and tough you are. Especially watch it with the chicken though - if you cut into it and it's still somehow raw inside, straight back into the pan to cook that fucker more (and throw away anything else on the plate that might have gotten uncooked chicken juice on it).

When handling raw chicken, put it in the pan and *immediately* wash your hands and utensils (unless you're cooking the chicken with them) with dish soap and warm water. Ditto for the packaging. One drop of that stuff can ruin your whole week if you're really unlucky on the salmonella count (bloody cage chickens).

Don't forget the occasional beverage, too. Time for a small glass of Grand Marnier. Enjoy!

Sunday, 10 December 2017

When She Posts A Picture

Someone over on /r/MGTOW (I lost the link) states that there's a vast difference between men taking a picture to show off an object, and a wimminz doing the same:
This is actually wrong.

It's just like those Instagram whores. The picture is all about *her*. Narcissism at it's finest.

For a man, the object is the object of the photograph.

For teh wimminz, teh wimminz is the object of the photograph, and the object is just an excuse to post teh pikchur of teh wimminz. So the "object" should not be labelled as the subject of the photograph - teh wimminz should be labeled as "object", as the subject of the photograph.

Which she is. Just another object. Especially to herself. (Helloooo! Over heeeere! I haz titties! I haz a vagina! etc)

We need to keep this straight in our heads. Teh wimminz (the subject of selfish narcissism) is the real object being displayed here, anything else is just a subframe or subset of that.

Some prior examples from this blog:
Duckface narcissism with a near-corpse in the background.
Landwhale narcissism.
Golddigger narcissism.
Crazy cat-bitch narcissism (poor fuckin' cats, they got the 1,000-yard stare right there).
Kissy duckface narcissism (the one on the left looks haggish, the one on the right looks like a lamprey).
Blubber-bounce narcissism (how that 16 tons can move like that I dunno - crane with the cables photoshopped out?).
Teh sexeh yoga-body lookit-mah-cunt fuck-me narcissism (from PostSecret).

It all adds up to this:
And that's all she wrote.

Not here to bitch about it, we just need to understand it properly (and never forget it). It's all about her and how she feelz.

Usually, it's all banal and childish stuff too. As in, it all adds up to a childish wail for attention:
Which makes it all a massive red-flag that we can be glad of seeing. The ones not showing all this dogshit...those are the ones to watch out for. Those are the fuckers trying to pass themselves off as a NAWALT.

Geeze, a long time since I've used so many pictures. Who'd'a thunk that I had so many perfect examples on here.

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Still Retarded In New Zealand

Still retardedly sucking the cock of feminism. Here is the latest pool of puke upchucked by "journalists" and "economists". Given the rabbit-ear quotes because neither are of real use these days (journalists at least used to be semi-useful, "economists" were never useful).

Let's get it out of the way - Women could add $881m to the economy: report
I especially like the "could" - great weasel-words. Everybody knows that they won't.

This is due to a combination of:

...muh period...

...muh kiddiez...

...muh maternity leave...

...muh public breastfeed...

...muh flexi-time...

...muh hey he looked at me funny...

...muh feelz...

...muh privilege...

Adding up to "fucking useless" on the whole.

Plus, of course, the jobs made are not actually made. They're just substituting a less-valuable and more-pain-in-the-ass worker for a man. A worker who costs more in overhead because of extra-speshul needs that she must-must-must have. (Plus the extra management to cater to these entitled cunts, so that the business is "protected" from them.)

This is a special form of outsourcing. Just like what happens when we bring in overseas slave-labor to do the seasonal work which our youth used to do as entry-level jobs when first starting out in life. However, one that's actually of less-value in the end.

Go ahead retards. Keep advocating making everything less-efficient. Eventually that fucker'll burn to the ground - either the mentality or the civilization as a whole, hopefully the former.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Mourning The Old Ways

Didact has a great post about being born in the wrong century:
Men wouldn't just work for a big company because it provided stable employment and a guaranteed pension upon retirement. Many of them worked for such companies because they genuinely loved the company and its culture.
In my case, I still work at my "current place of work" after effectively 20 years for a slightly different reason - because I helped build up the culture in that place over that 20 year time-period. Though management is definitely doing their damnedest to tear it down at the moment.

When it goes, I will probably go also. At the least, it will leave me with less motivation to do real work for them. (Though my efficiency has already dropped tremendously.)

The comments from Tom Kratman are great too:
Oh, and it appears that the actual rule, for sex, for most of mankind for most of history - at least in cultures that placed a high value on certain things - was, "We know you're human and you're going nuts with the urge to rut. Once you are properly engaged / betrothed we will avert our eyes to what you do. However, if she comes up pregnant you had best be prepared to move the wedding date up to the week after the rabbit died. Oh, and if you try to back out we'll kill you or, bare minimum, shotgun you to the altar."
I was bought up the old way re marriage and sex. Having all those attitudes stripped away from me by age 18 should never have happened - unfortunately, that's the way things went. (Even my own mother stepped out in her youth - which is why I have an older half-sister, 'cause mommy dearest got pregnant by the milkman. How cliche.)

Sadly, it is our modern advantages - of prevalent food, shelter, and protection - which have caused a degeneration of the old ways. (The Roman dole of grain - free food - and we wonder why Rome declined and fell. Bread and circuses, beer and games, food and entertainment.)

Because the consequences are not so dire these days. She's not going to get kicked out by her family and have to fend for herself. Even if she did, the government is more than happy to pay her. Just as a simple bribe for her vote.

For the children, yeah...

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Not Just Hairdressers

On my last post, two commentors make a couple of observations. My reply started turning into a here it is.

From Shaun F:
I've been warned about hairdressers. Most guys will inevitably end up with the same type woman - unless they see the error of their ways.
Heed those warnings about hairdressers.

You are correct regarding seeing the error of their ways. Unfortunately my friend has not, so he's now wifing up an extremely useless form of parasite. Worse than his original, by far. Pushing 50, he should fucking-well know better. Can't tell him that though, he's not ready to "unplug" as it were.

Damn. Now I get to see another good man go through a second trainwreck in his life. It's gonna suck.

From I Am Noticing:
Hairdressers are a nightmare. I don't know why. Is it because they are a kind of crazy artist? They've all been liars too... but that's true for every woman.
What is it with hairdressers?
Ah yes, all women are liars. In fact most of society is built upon lies and fakery, with the blood-sweat-and-diesel carefully locked away in the cellar. Don't think too closely about *that*. For if you too might become one of The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas, aka Red Pill/MGTOW, and set yourself up to Enjoy the Decline.

Rather than keeping cupcake in the emotional and physical state to which she feelz entitled.

On the Crazy "as fucking fruit-loops" Scale, hairdressers rate #1 in my book. In fact, they're off the charts - this isn't dialed up to eleven (thank you Spinal Tap), this is to the power of eleven.

On the Crazy Scale, #2 is nurses and female psychologists/counselors.

On the Crazy Scale, #3 is horse chicks.

So how do hairdressers - in fact, not just hairdressers, every female in the beauty industry - manage to achieve #1 by an order of magnitude? As in, in fucking orbit, outta fucking sight, no comparison whatsoever, crazy?

Think about society. Society is gynocentric to a T, despite the claims of the fembots about it being controlled by patriarchal women-hating misogynist men.

These girls are the biggest pushers (as in drug-dealers) in the world, bar none.

The drug is a combination of beauty and narcissistic supply. It's a good one! Socially approved, used daily, cheap to make, expensive to buy - every woman *needs* this drug to function in society on a daily basis. Running out - or having it failing - causes "tragic" mental/emotional consequences.

The poor, poor darling!

Never mind that continued use of this drug on a daily basis generally destroys her skin, her hair, and along with those her long-term looks. Never mind that, at all. Short term is all that matters to the user of the drug.

(An aside, think about MakeApp. It destroys that makeup-fakeup drug. This is why it draws such vitriolic hatred from damn near every female.)

How does this make a hairdresser or beautician type a #1 on the Crazy Scale?

The beauty industry is a lie. The fashion industry is a lie. Ditto for movies, advertising, modelling, etc. All lies designed to sell the consumer (women and men both) a product. A product known as sex, with beauty being the overt surface. In the process, fattening the wallet of the producer of the product.

A hairdresser/beautician knows (very intimately!) the value of the drug/product that they are pushing. Beauty and sex. They live by it in the form of $$$$ gained, and use it in the form of products as personal advertising. In fact, they have to live it intimately: I have never seen a fat, slovenly, ugly hairdresser or beautician. They'd starve. They have to know starkly the value of the beauty that they push and so they personally use their drug religiously.

This is why they are always done up to the nines.

The drug includes such things as: manicures, pedicures, facials, body peels, soaking in mud, soaking in honey, aromatherapy, relaxation, massage, various forms of pampering, etc. Oil of olay, goop that includes stem cells from the foreskins of male babies, something that includes "pearls of beauty" (whatever the fuck that is supposed to be - is that like homeopathy, one part per billion? one molecule per highly-priced jar?).

Scents: CK One, Fire and Ice, Chanel, Cartier, Dior, Diamond, etc - made from ambergris, shit out from (and possibly barfed up by) sick whales. (Value: about US$10k per pound, though you're more likely to find small lumps of an ounce or two on the beach.)

Makeup is a goodie: base (moisturizer - specially for the crows-feet), foundation (two shades blended together), concealer (both for spots and the bags under the eyes), highlight/contour/blush, lids (brows and liner and finishing with eyeshadow), lashes (curling and mascara - often with liner to the inner rim of the eyes - which makes my eyes water imagining it), powder (possibly including another powder blush and contour layer), lips (lipstick then lip liner then lipstick again - maybe gloss as well for the final touch).

Quite a lot of that shit has SPF30+ sunscreen in it. Can't have those nasty UV rayz screwing up your skin, babe.

The hair adds emphasis to the face. Loose framing, a touch of coy hiding, pulled up for the young'n'naive girl look, long for the full sexual/sensual effect, the wet look, the slightly frizzy "it just dried naturally" look, the hairsprayed-solid "full metal helmet" look, etc.

The various "natural" dyes and colors. Going blonde. The fucked-up-shit unnatural colors that certain types of wimminz luv luv luv to put on (displaying their insanity). Other stuff used: texturizer, styling mousse, curl enhancers/definers, styling wax, styling gel, pomade, heat protection sprays, hairspray, serum, and shine spray. Add to that fifteen different forms of heat-based hairdryer, curler, straightener, etc etc ad-fucking-nauseum.

You can tell that I was fuckin' married, can't you. Even so, I added several homo-suspicion points with that lot.

Here's some extra fun: when you go to a more upmarket hotel, check out the bathroom. A couple of sachets of makeup remover and a black facecloth embroidered with the word "makeup" - because taking all that shit off permanently stains the linens, so you might as well use a brown or black facecloth so that it doesn't show.

A girl gets real practiced at doing this daily, it can take her about 15-20 minutes. Longer of course if she's making a shitload of effort to do something special (or deliberately fucking you around and making you wait). Sometimes though, she just wants a professional makeover. Cue the beautician and hairdresser (though often, the hairdresser is more of a weekly to monthly thing anyway for the girls who want a gossip-session combined with being too damn lazy to make that effort themselves).

Now, for beauticians and hairdressers to push a drug that hard - one which screws up their own skin and hair as well as everyone else's - requires an exceptional level of hamsterbation and female doublethink. A level which really fucks with your mind.

As I Am Noticing asked: "Is it because they are a kind of crazy artist?" Yes. The craziest of artists, having to make "so-so" and "meh" look stunning, pushing the biggest drug in the world.

Being such heavy users of it themselves, their narcissistic index is way off the charts too. Again, sky-high and in orbit.

I have literally had a hairdresser say to me: "I only hang out with the cool crowd". Self-centered, self-entitled, narcissism to the max. Of course, I'm not in that crowd, being a pleasantly-ugly man at best. (Which is weird, because I've known in passing quite a few from that crowd - probably they thought of me as an orbiter type, useful for $$$$, and surprised when they got nothing from me beyond a "hello".)

Recently, I've had a beautician chick trying to spark me (last couple of months) Christ knows why, I'm built like a brick shithouse, not a pretty-boy. She's Taiwanese, textbook skinny instagram whore with the "amazing" lifestyle, looks 20, is actually 35, and has acknowledged in the past that she makes poor decisions in life. (Heavy smoker and drinker in her youth, broke up with "abusive" hubby - aren't they all! - been on the party-circuit again and drinking heavily, now stopping and doing her best to remain sober.)

I shut her down by describing my last couple of weeks of hiking/tramping holiday: "not showering for 4 days, jumping into the ocean for a swim/bath - if you came along with me you'd be smelly, have no makeup, hair a mess, a terrible situation for a girl". She's now back to her usual social media posts of "why are people so prejudiced against beautiful people?" type of thing.

Hilarious. It's the narcissism garbage. Which is why the desperate mooing and bleating about being beautiful - lookin' for that White Knight. AKA she's a spoiled worthless narcissistic whore with a bigger N-count than I've had hot dinners in the past year. This is not helped by men in her FaceCrap posting (literal) comments like "so beautiful" and similar pandering horseshit. (Guys, stop pulling your limp dick out to show it to her - grow a fuckin' spine along with some sense.)

The most amusing thing in my book, though - I've seen hairdressers and beauticians really hit the wall hard. For them, it's like that wall is stainless steel and they faceplant cold into it. You can tell when they start having to use so much makeup that it's visible in dimly-lit nightclubs and bars. You can tell when you can smell the product in their hair from feet away.

Which is hilarious in a twisted way - the shit on their face fucks their skin up so bad, the shit in their hair wrecks it so bad, they need more'n'more of it. (Deliberate, on the part of makeup and hair companies? I'm personally bloody certain of it.)

Just like a drug.

Gentlemen, drink 'em if you got 'em. I'm going to have a small glass of Grand Marnier to wash down the delicious taste of schadenfreude.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Congratulations remarried a fuckin' hairdresser.

Both amusing and fuckin' appalling.

Alright, this is a bloke that I've known for six-odd years. He split up with his wife of 20 years something like 5 years ago - because she was an alcoholic with zero impulse-control.

Apologies. I meant to say "she just happened to fall on all those cocks, she swears it, it must be true".

At least mine wasn't one of those cocks. Though she made a great try for it. Funny how I always ended up with the hot-as blue-eyed blondes chasing me. (Though given that I've got green eyes, maybe not quite so unexpected, hahaha. I even used to be somewhat blonde as a young'n, and still have somewhat mousy-blonde hair that's turning grey. Bah. Older, darker, wiser.)

Back to him. Congratulations. You got rid of alcoholic-stupid and went straight to fucking crazy. (With a couple other flavors of crazy in between, before wising up and dumping them.) Now you're compounding your personal stupidity by putting a ring on that crazy.

And she's a professional fuckin' liar to boot, one who makes other women look "beautiful".

Lap it up, man. Pushing 50 and still ruled by your cock. And I thought that I was bad, still being a horny bastard at 51.

Just get MakeApp and run her through it. Believe me, I've just done it, she doesn't look that great.

Brought to you by Crap-Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price. Now time for some Grand Marnier on ice to wash down this dose of nasty black poison.

Friday, 1 December 2017

Stop Thinking Chess

David Aurini has an interesting post from a couple of months ago (I'm just now catching up a little), where he states that the Alt-Right is winning every battle yet losing the war. In it, he states:
Battling the radical left has proven to be a losing strategy, and there are several reasons for this.
He goes on the enumerate the reasons. To boil it down:

• Members of the Right take time to develop and educate/train to usefulness

• Members of the Left breed like maggots and are easily brainwashed into compliance

• Combating the endless hordes of the pathetic-Left simply wastes the valuable-Right's precious time and energy

He quotes a commentor Doktor Jeep (on Vox Day's blog - this is only a partial requote):
There are many works though that need not be grounded in fighting the SJWs that will still improve the world. Frankly it would be best to just damn them and go full steam ahead in doing what’s simply right for civilization and the west generally. Maybe this is why they are so thusly programmed to “block our path” no matter how wrong and ridiculous they are. They know they are not going to win, but if they can keep the pass blocked until that critical mass of immigration and societal decay is reached (when the people are beyond hope for not even being able to conceive another way out) then they win. A sacrifice play.
We should steamroller them. Go around them. Stop waiting for the world to improve (and going about it like making noise will help). Go improve it. Yes our “speakers” are informative and useful, but the information they give us can only go so far. We have to use it in meatspace.
This is very correct - in military terms, get inside their OOTS loop (as per Boyd's definitions) and take them apart that way. Effectively this means taking apart the current world-structure which supports these Leftist retards.

That's a big ask.

Part of the problem is that they/we are all thinking about it the wrong way.

Going for the throat, combating the individual Leftist/SJW, taking over or dismantling the current system, is following the mentality of Chess. Attrition. Von Clausewitz "On War", slaughtering and destroying the opposition with minimal losses to yourself.

In video game terms: cutting through all the dweeb enemies to reach the boss, then cutting down that boss. Taking a breather then starting again on the long grind that is the next level. Even if you attempt an end-run around the dweebs to cut the head off the boss. The issue is that the numbers of individual dweebs and bosses are limitless. Plus, the bastards can breed faster than you can cut them down.

Stop thinking Chess. Stop thinking attrition and destruction. Stop thinking video games.

Start thinking Go. Start thinking making the enemy ineffective.

Let's be honest - while they are individually bloody annoying, in the long term they are retarded and not worth engaging. Controlling our emotional reaction to what are effectively retarded trolls is a far better start to using our minds and lives effectively.

When we fall into the trap of engaging their insane provocation, we end up just like the other monkeys, screaming back at the ones we don't agree with. As the saying goes: "Never get into an Internet argument with a retard. They'll just drag you down to their level and beat you with experience."

This is a very depressing thought that links quite neatly with how the Alt-Right has lost the war. They're being dragged down into the morass of retarded trolls, responding in kind, being swamped, finally overwhelmed by the masses of attack-bunnies and orcs. Beaten by experience.

So. To continue the Chess/video game analogy, we are attempting to overthrow an entrenched system which has a limitless supply of cannon fodder. We are attempting to take over what already exists. The problem is that we can't do that - there's too much opposition.

So if we can't take over or destroy the existing system, what can we do? As Doktor Jeep states, the Left blocks reflexively - even a "full steam ahead and damn the torpedoes" effort will be ineffective against that mentality. Which means that we must stop thinking about going head-to-head and start thinking laterally.

Let them have their system. Completely unopposed. (Or at most with only token opposition - so they don't twig to the fact that they're being outmanoeuvred.)

Start thinking of building our own in parallel.

Massively parallel.

This is already happening out there. I read somewhere (cannot think where at the moment - Aaron Clarey's blog?) that some small towns in America have started going back to barter between townsfolk. No monetary transactions, no income, no taxation.

They live. Nobody can stop that sort of trading. It's the grey (and even black) market.

Parasitise off the existing systems. Get your parallel systems up and running. Then you can "retire" from the fray, continuing to live in "seeming poverty" (so far as the mainstream system understands it).

Then watch the parasites continue to decline and destroy themselves. Your parallel systems of food, comfort, moral and intellectual values, information, friendships, will all be there. You won't appear on the system's radar. You're too small and insignificant and (apparently) poor. Nobody is going to attempt to take your "nothing" from you. It's not worth it to them.

There is a method of enjoying the decline, in peace and quiet.

Note that it works for the Amish. No, I'm not saying that we go that far back technologically - however, they are an exceptional example of a mostly-self-sustaining different culture in America. With blockchain technology, massive parallel systems of barter become possible (call it barterchain? or something more innocuous, that doesn't give it away...).

I sometimes wonder if Bitcoin was expressly designed as a parallel system to help people to parasitise off the main system. Tinfoil-hat conspiracy? No. I just can't help wondering, sometimes.

I once mentioned in passing, over on Amerika, that I wouldn't be surprised if someone upped-stakes and disappeared with a petrol-station of gasoline. You can run a lot of stuff for a long time with that much. A couple of the commenters pooh-poohed me down, sneering, telling me that I was being silly. I left them to their mindset, firmly entrenched and fully-engaged in the "value" of the current system.

However. Try googling "missing truck" or even "missing truck driver".

Then ask yourself how much value a double-tanker of diesel, or a double-trailer of tinned food, might have in a parallel system.

Monday, 27 November 2017

Damned Are The Retards

For they will never improve, or attempt to improve, or ever achieve anything resembling improvement. They are incapable of being anything other than being retarded.

This is deeper and sadder than is immediately obvious. Especially, it has social implications that escapes 90% of humanity.

Retarded people are "merely content".

Content with eating, fucking, getting drunk/wasted, pumping out several kiddies (some single mommies using said kiddies as an income stream). Repeat cycle generationally.


Outbreeding the "more driven". Those who desire a deeper meaning to life, for something more than the next meal/sexual conquest/high.

Welcome to the documentary/instruction manual known colloquially as "Idiocracy".

Even some of the driven are missing something on a deeper level. Something that we can't name.

Brett Stevens over on Amerika calls it a "civilisational purpose" or goal. He writes of a drive towards excellence.

Uncle Bob, bless his soul (which from an agnostic like me is likely a blasphemy by itself), used to call it "arĂȘte" - also a desire for excellence.

Excellence and standards, MIA in our society and mindset.

As I learn more about people, I become more and more a misanthrope - someone who despises people on the whole.

Sure, there are a few good people who I enjoy the company of. The rest? It wouldn't bother me if 80% of them were killed off. (Chances are high that I'd be in that 80%, too.)

Got into a conversation with an older man, we were talking about how stupid the younger generation is these days. Even with basic English language, something that everyone is brought up learning. (Shit, I struggle with that at times too.) Spelling and pronunciation of some words: "aluminum" vs "aluminium" for example. Color vs colour, armor vs armour, you get the picture. Americanised vs British English, effectively - nothing wrong with the two.

We got to talking about some plurals - some of which don't end in "s". You can only determine plural in context.

Him: "I'm waiting to see people spelling and saying sheeps."

Me: "I hope that I never see that. It would make me think that it's time for a culling."

Him: "Prepare to be disappointed..."

Me: "Oh God, don't get me started..."

The talking wandered to other things, yet that stuck in my mind. We are long, long overdue another culling. A removal of the weak, genetically-deficient, and parasitical from our species.

Maybe the decline of our Western civilisation is an inner preparation for the culling.  I don't know...I simply wonder how much longer we can continue to feed upon ourselves before Atlas shrugs and the whole house of cards falls down.

Perhaps that can be avoided. With Trump in America, it looks as if they are at least attempting to throw off the parasites. Difficult to tell with the biased leftist media making mountains out of molehills whenever Trump takes a misstep...while at the same time burying everything that he does right, minimising his reported successes.

Currently, we give everybody their daily dose of soma and leave them to continue their meaningless lives. Birds, booze, drugs, sports, whatever... ("Bird" is NZ slang for women. In Aussie, "sheila" means the same thing.)

Weird, while I like and support the general idea of Aaron Clarey's "Enjoy the Decline" - I find that I'm not able to be a parasite off the current system. I can't even comprehend how people can live like that. (Welfare queens...six kids..."it's for the childreeeeeen"...bleh.)

I don't know if it's personal pride, or if it's ultimately something to do with striving to be better than the general herd of retards out there.

Maybe that's why I couldn't really go hardcore down the PUA track. It smacks so much of dragging yourself down into the slop, just so you can be #21 (or #51, or #301) to drop a fuck into her various holes. A basic lack of dignity? Retardism at its finest? Who the definitions of BoneCrkr, Omega men, the behaviour of the criminal scum class...

As I think about society in general, I begin to think more and more of the old aristocracy. Brett Stevens writing on Amerika is right: that was the way things ended up being structured, because that was the way things are in the real world.

• the lowest class, filled with retards - these people are nothing more than grunt labour and criminal scum

• the middle class, more driven - these people are artisans, shopkeepers, the types who build and keep a civilisation going

• the upper class, the aristocrats - these people provide the real long-term thinking, the vision, who (should) know what works best, who limit the stupidities and encourage the excellent

Then some discontented and jealous nincompoop (aka fucktard) decides that a revolution is in order so that they can get ahead. They organise a "change of leadership", aka "jobs for the boys", aka sawing the bottom off the ladder and nailing it to the top.

End result is what we have now: the grunt labour retards are "in charge", while the more parasitical members of the middle class are having a field day as they grow rich off the retards. In the meantime there's nothing stopping the whole herd of stupidity from crapping over everything in sight and saying that it's "good" to destroy everything in sight instead of making sure that there's something kept for the future and future generations...

Oh yeah, definitely for the childreeeeen...

Me, I'd be happy to be middle-class and helping to prop it all up. Which I am anyway, and pleased of that much, given that I started life from low-class criminal dregs in the retard gene could have been a helluva lot worse...

This particularly bleak look through Crap Colored Glasses brought to you via a week of philosophical musings and conversations and personal soul-searching while tramping through the Far North, enjoying sunrises and sunsets and stars and getting sunburned and rained on, as #pizzagate starts to boil over with allegations that we are "ruled" by pedophiles and sexual deviants.

Boy, some'a them parasites really went whole-hog didn't they...

Monday, 20 November 2017

Not Hiring

I'm on holiday up in the Far North of New Zealand. That's correct: "Far North", capitalised. It is so far north that there is very dodgy signal - definitely not helped by the planned power outage that they are experiencing at the moment. Damifino when this will get posted.

At any rate, got to talking with one of the locals and a tourist - the local owns the tourist-attraction we were at (Gumdiggers Park). We were yakking while his 9kva generator was going in the background. Topics ranged from politics (Jacinda), politics (USA and Trump), Australia, immigrants, minimum wage rise, kids these days, etc etc. The sorta stuff that us old fogies will yack about when we get to talking.

(Here's a hint: a $15 minimum wage will only push the cost of things up. It's currently that here in NZ and they're making noises about putting it up to $20 or something. Fuck, wish I could get a 25% pay-increase!)

Local man started talking about the local young people. He has no staff, so the minimum wage thing won't affect him: there's just him and his wife run things. We asked why no staff. His reply: "They're bloody useless."

Seems that there's an "epidemic" of sponging off the system up here. Blokes with bad backs, girls with six kids being welfare queens, that sort of shit. (Said welfare queens get paid more in the hand than I do, fuuuuuuuck!)

He had one girl, who started out "not too bad". (Not great, just not too bad.) After a month though, one day she turned up and seemed just a little "off"...

He made a few inquiries and it turned out that she's on P (that's meth to you Americans). He had a few words with her, told her that she couldn't turn up like that... (I'd have drop-kicked the bitch on the way out the door - that he didn't shows just how hard it is to find even halfway-decent workers up here.)

A couple more weeks, suddenly she can't come in - she fell over a child's toy and injured herself. (No children.) Doctor, ACC (Accident Compensation Corp), he's still having to cover some of that though. In the end she buggers off, he's out three grand and ACC is out ten or twelve. Most of that she used to get herself a newer car.

About three months down the line, he gets a call from her new employer. They're wondering about his experience with her and his response is along the lines of "You didn't employ her did you...?"

And that's why he's no longer hiring...

Almost 9pm, sun's gone down, alarm is set for 3am. Time for sleep, see what the stars are like when I wake. Night!