Friday, 13 October 2017

A Society of Cucks

Hold on tight - it's getting very ugly in here. Leftists, feminists, and wimminz - prepare to scream. Cucks - well, I'd say prepare to cut your own balls off, but you already did that. Can't cut off what's already long-gone.

Worst part though: you cuck motherfuckers cut off the balls off every other Man you could, in Western civilization. Legal-wise.

Let's hit it.

Sunrise Hoodie has a good video regarding the realities of marriage, sex, divorce, etc - "Why Wives Are Increasingly Adulterous", which came from a CNN headline:
There's a good amount of interesting thought regarding the modern (inflated) expectations of men/women regarding marriage.

He talks of various things to blame: Hollywood, Shakespeare, Prince Charming, your friendly White Knight motherfucker down the bar, etc. (Note that all of these are cucks in one form or another.) All of these end up causing impossible expectations of:

* shame-free no-fault divorce
* marriage to be filled with hot passion-filled sex for years and years

As he states, this is obviously blown way out of proportion - impossible expectations. As he states (and I can attest to personally in my own marriage) the wild-monkey-sex stage lasts 3 years, tops. After that it's just the same-old-same-old humpy-pumpy. Generally dull. Pretty-much to be expected over time, and people wouldn't have done it (restricting themselves to the same-old-same-old) if there wasn't some very good benefits for doing so.

At least, back when. This no longer applies.

He goes to break down what he thinks marriage is:

* children
* raising those kids in a safe and secure and environment
* for the dismissal of old ways in building new character and long-term benefit
* sex is just a by-product

My opinion: he's right about the first two and the last one. I do not grasp his meaning with regard to "dismissing old ways in building new character". This makes no sense to me - perhaps someone can figure it and explain it in simple one-syllable concepts that I can grasp.

He also mentions listless men who check out of marriage - I don't think that he's entirely correct here. I will address that further down.

At any rate, I dealt with a bunch of this quite some time ago in my post: Back To Basics: What Is Marriage For?

I've also stated at various times that we men did this shit to ourselves. We didn't have to let cupcake go wild. We could have fed the cunt a knuckle sandwich when she opened her mouth. Instead, we threw the cunt a bone - because we were too soft'n'easy on her.

Old joke: "What do you tell a woman with two black eyes? Nothing, she's been told twice already."
We could have still been that. We should still be that.

Because that is what keeps our civilization working, rather than the pussified decline we are going through these days.

Yeah. Instead we went pussified. Which is why we now have things like "Why Wives Are Increasingly Adulterous". Dumb shit being shoved down our throats, by the crap leftist media - who, despite being known fake news, still do a great deal of shaping of the shit-storm hellhole mess which is laughably known as our Western society.

Because wimminz and cucks are too stupid to see reality. Especially when they think that it will ultimately benefit them. Willful blindness, along with lying to yourself, is a real thing.

Hell, I wrote about hypergamy being just a label. Back on that post, RmaxgenactivePUA stated:
Rollo seems to think hypergamy is hard wired & the solution is game ... Don't blame women, its biology, not women being feral backward retards.
As I basically stated back then: when we give it a name and state that it's evolved behavior, we're just throwing out an opportunity for some pussy motherfucker to give cupcake another pussy-pass. A pussy-pass which is currently being force-evolved into another free-for-all-fuckfest of socially-acceptable female adultery.

Frankly: not actually acceptable. PUAs accept it - and condone it - because that gives them the green light to take full advantage of it. Thus, the penchant for fucking married women. (Which I have done myself, in my pre-aware bad-boy stage of life. Fully knowing that she was married. A lot of men may not know, or ever learn.)

From back when:
Going back to inertia. All these sluts and whores flashing their legs, ass, and pussy at a man - if that's all he can see around, he thinks it's normal. The inertia has kicked in. Nobody is restraining such behavior in any manner. Therefore it must be normal. He may as well join in, what the fuck, this is what normal people do.
He becomes crap in his turn. Tattoos. Piercings. What the fuck, there's plenty of examples of it. Those maggots are getting pussy, too. Drama. Horseshit. Sally blurts out that she's pregnant. You're pregnant?! Hey, Sally's knocked up! Holy fuck, I'm leaving town! Whadda ya mean you're leaving town - the whole fucking town is leaving town!
Out comes the sproglet. It looks around. Oh, so this is normal. Suck that thumb kid. Yeah, this is normal.
The cycle of trash goes around.
Cheating. Adultery. Extremely crap behavior. All the new normal. The cycle of trash, going around, trashier and trashier.

Let's look at it on a deeper level, now.

Men as a whole, we did this to ourselves? Yes, in a way.

On a deeper, more detailed level, though - cucks and wimminz as a whole, did it to all and sundry without their actual consent. Because thanks to duh-mock-rah-see (aka mob-rule), the greater number of stupid fuckers who see only short-term gain for themselves went and imposed their will upon everyone else. Because they're too stooooopid to see that fucking with the family unit tears down the civilization/society that we live in and that makes life so much easier for us all.

Yes Men, we can thank teh wimminz and teh cuckz for this situation we are in.

A hundred-plus years ago we could have drop-kicked that cheating slut of an ex-wife out of our lives and made sure that our children at least had the best-chance possible to grow up and become new, worthwhile and decent citizens. All in the name of growing our civilization to the greatest good for ourselves and those around us.

These days, lay a finger on her - you're in jail with your ass getting eyed up by Bubba. Two black eyes for the cheating bitch? Forget it. Kick the cheating bitch's ribs, or head, in? Forget it. Bubba will have your ass for the next 20 years of your life.

Sunrise Hoodie speaks of listless men. In my opinion this is not listless men. This is powerless men.

Put a finger on her - Bubba. She can at any time complain that she's not haaaappy. Upon pain of legal pain, upon pain of taking it up the ass from Bubba, thanks to teh wimminz and teh cuckz, we must take it without the slightest murmur of dissent.

She haz teh powah. False rape accusations. False allegations of domestic/physical abuse. False allegations of emotional(?!) abuse (aka "he refused to buy me that purse and them shoez"). Lie to get a legal injunction against a man. She can emotionally, verbally, and physically abuse any man - period! - and if he lays back into her, "society" (aka the crap-hole created and shaped by wimminz opinions) will lay into him with a red-hot barbwire whip of social ostracism. To start with.

We can push our luck. If we own nothing, feel free to slap her up - she can divorce to her heart's content, ain't gonna get shit. A legal injunction might actually be a relief for you.

However. For those of us who have something. We can go MGTOW. Our only defense, not to play the rigged game. Our only defense, to get the fuck off the plantation. Our only defense, never going back near these crazy cunts.

So teh wimminz are becoming more adulterous. Or more accurately: more openly adulterous.

Most accurately of all: slutting it up because they fuckin' can, and you can't stop 'em - you bastard male piece of shit who wants to hold wimminz back from doing whatever they want, exploring whatever they want, and fucking up their lives however they want.

Because teh cuckz have given her teh pussy pass and the green light to go full-fucking-retard in whatever way she wants. Society (most especially in the form of teh cuckz) will happily pick up the resulting tab from these crazy cunts.

Cucks. You stupid-assed White Knight motherfuckers:
You deserve to be taken for every fuckin' penny.

You will be taken for every fuckin' penny.

And you will like it. Because you're cucks. You're built that way, broken, somewhere deep inside.

Let's describe what might be termed as "the ultimate cuck's endgame".

Currently, the media are pushing the narrative of women becoming more openly promiscuous. Even adulterous. It's becoming more "socially acceptable" for women - even and especially married ones - to fuck around.

Anything to bring spice back to the sex-life, y'know.

I think that within ten years, this is going to become the "new normal". Women will openly fuck around on their men. Hubbies. Boyfriends. Whatever.

She wants to do her Gangbang Barbie, and she will:
Openly. Perhaps even letting her "man"-of-the-moment know the full details.

It might go to the extent of videos, even. "Hey hubzy-cuck, here's the video of me getting gangbanged by fifteen big black cocks this evening. I got blasted in every orifice and all over the face. You will watch it. Now. By the way, I've put it up for all and sundry to watch on Facebook."

The new normal takes hold.

As an anonymous commentor once put it:
...our culture and civilization has been betrayed by women.
And men have a deep revulsion for traitors.
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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Overall Decline

Aaron Clarey slams one out of the park, as he describes the overall decline of Western society:
Like him, I cannot name the latest music. The infiltration of lazy, talentless people is stunning.

A sad look at reality.

Also sad that he felt he had to say "not you" with regard to his viewers. Multiple times. Are people really that soft-minded? To the point where he had to specifically say "not you" so much to his audience?

Note: My personal opinion is that most modern art is crap - perhaps because of the modern mentality of kissing ass. Something about an oral-fecal obsession is "in" these days. As Aaron states, we seem to desire a pursuit of ugliness these days.

The most frightening thought that occurred to me, while watching this?

The Millennials willingly went into a lifetime of crushing debt, to become willingly indoctrinated into their insane mindset.

Sunday, 8 October 2017

A Litany Of Slaughter

So this graphic is doing the rounds at present:
Being a generally skeptical bastard, I decided to do some hunting. I found the same list on Snopes, this has been rejigged.

So then I got into the CDC's website and started looking, first at leading causes of death for 2014 (page 5):

All Deaths - 2,626,418

...of which the top 10 are...

Heart disease - 614,348
Malignant deoplasms - 591,700
Chronic lower respiratory diseases - 147,101
Accidents (unintentional injuries) - 135,928
Cerebrovascular disease - 133,103
Alzheimer's disease - 93,541
Diabetes mellitus - 76,488
Influenza and pneumonia - 55,227
Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosis - 48,146
Intentional self-harm (suicide) - 42,826

Hmmm. No guns. Let's go looking for guns - Table 18 in the same document (page 87):

All Injuries - 199752

...of which they are broadly split to...

Unintentional - 135,928
Suicide 42,826
Homicide - 15,872
Undetermined - 4,597
Legal intervention/war - 529

Note "legal intervention" - that's where #BlackShitMatters came into being. Fuck off you motherfuckers! Back to guns:

Firearms - 33,594

...split into...

Unintentional - 461
Suicide - 21,386
Homicide - 11,008
Undetermined - 275
Legal intervention/war - 464

Still nothing on abortion. I'm going to have to go hunting for it special.

Here I find it, on the CDC's pages about reproductive health - Abortion Surveillance 2013:

Legally Induced Abortions - 664,435 (from 49 reporting areas)

Note the word legally - there will be a few back-street ones as well, by those who cannot get it legally - not reported of course.

So returning to the original graphic, the numbers should be:

Abortions - 664,435 (2013)
Homicides - 11,008 (2014)

Which makes it 60x more abortions in the USA than there are murders by gun.

Let's control the guns!

This is what you fuckwits get when you listen to the leftist media's bullshit.

Here's a statistic - you are twice as likely to die from gun-suicide than gun-homicide. Prevent suicide! Control the guns!

Unfortunately, only 1/2 of suicides are by gun - there are plenty of other ways to kill yourself as well. [Edited mistake. - BPS]

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Saturday, 7 October 2017


I bring excellent news for all teh wimminz and cuck-cucks out there, this time from the computer security division of life.
It seems that I am very far behind the curve on this one: the trend to control your sex-toys via low-power (and insecure) Bluetooth technology. What's pictured is the discreet anal version for teh wimminz to use, controllable through their smartphone.

Or maybe through their partner's smartphone, as a variation on sex-fun-play.

According to Bleeping Computer, the security researchers did a wardriving test in San Francisco (they don't say if it was night or day) and found several people who were wearing theirs. Here was where they did the test (looks to be residential):
Given the inherent insecurity of these things, I can imagine the practical joke of the future. At work, triangulate in and find one of your more sexualized female workmates with one of these...wait until she goes into a meeting...dial it up to the hilarity ensue...

Go to a bar, similar...

A sex-toy party, where the female guests are expecting to be randomly stimulated by all and sundry at whim...

Hook some of these up to the internet for random people to "bid" on - highest bidder gets to stimulate the woman involved and watch her reaction via webcam...a variation on voyeurism...

Of course, never forget rule #36 - if it exists, there is porn of it. Perhaps some even home-grown, along the lines of revenge-porn...

You could probably make this into "the ultimate cuck" for the types who like a combination of public-sex and being cuckolded:

Him: "Hi honey, how did it go today at work?"

Her: "It was awesome, I got randomly stimulated fifteen times today!"

Him: "Ohhhhh that makes me so horny..."

Meh. What next? Open fucking in the streets? And there's still one helluva lot lower that we can go, you betcha.

A humorous look at the weird sexual perversions of humanity - brought to you by Crap-Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.

Friday, 29 September 2017

Watch Them Burn

This is #9 of the 36 Stratagems of Ancient China: Watch the fires burning across the river.
To watch the fires burning across the river means to let your enemies destroy themselves. Another way the Chinese express this idea: "Sit on the mountaintop and watch the tigers fight."
This means that you don't need to act - instead, sit back and wait patiently for them to start fighting amongst themselves. It's inevitable. Because teh wimminz are really good at backstabbing each other once they get bored, or crave a little more drama, or what-fucking-ever.

Like Sun Zu (Tzu, more commonly) stated:
If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by.
This is why us MGTOW go and do our own stuff. Leave the retards (men and women both) to their entertainments, fun, and assorted idiocies.

While they are chopping themselves down in size, while they are destroying the civilization that was built for their benefit, we are slowly growing and building ourselves up. All out of sight, all where nobody can see and remark upon it, all for our own benefits and enjoyments.

We are quite zen-like and somewhat relaxed in that manner.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Kill With A Borrowed Knife

Over on /r/MGTOW a man relates how he stepped aside from a woman attempting to get him to do some dirty shit for her:
Female coworker: "Hey, could I talk to you about something?"
Me: "Sure. What's up?"
F: "John has been looking at me like a creep and has been following me out to my car and taking pictures without my consent."
M: "Oh shit. That's no good."
F: "I know. I want to report him to HR, but I'm afraid of him coming after me and trying to hurt me. I was wondering if you could do it for me."
M: dumbfounded "No. Are you serious? Absolutely not. This is your responsibility." Keep in mind that she provided zero proof of any of this so I would be going to HR with rumors alone lol.
F: "What the fuck is wrong with you?!? He could be a stalker or a rapist or a murderer! I could be in serious danger, and you're not even going to do anything? Fuck you!" I don't know why she hasn't walked away at this point. I've made it clear wih my words and body language that I want nothing to do with her or her most likely made-up problems, but whatever.
M: So yeah, at this point, I'm thinking of all the times men have sacrificed their lives fighting civil wars and revolutions to overthrow ruthless dictators to make their society a better place, and this bitch is too much of a fucking pussy to go to HR to defend herself. Oh, and by the way, what happens when that psychopath, John, finds out that I'm the one who reported him? Exactly. The dude won't be pleased, and now my life is in danger. So I have to be the one to put myself at risk for someone else's problems with literally nothing for a reward? In better times, with men being way more appreciated, I would have done it. But after having to listen to all the feminist whining at my workplace about "toxic masculinity", the "wage gap", "mansplaining" (which is just guys trying to actually fucking help), etc. No fucking thank you. This bitch is on her own. Thankfully, I was able to keep my wits about me and not lose my shit and actually speak my mind. This probably would have gotten me in trouble even if I was 100% in the right. For once, I got the ultimate satisfaction and calmly said, "You wanted equal rights as a feminist, no? Well, here's your chance to earn them." I walked away grinning like a little boy on Christmas.
As we all know, he very much dodged a bullet there - hopefully he has the sense to stay the fuck away from this shining example of nastiness and cuntiness. As in, don't associate with her at all, more than a grunt to acknowledge her existence - if possible not even that.

It strikes me that this perfectly illustrates many women's modus operandii, as written in many places. In this case it is #3 of the 36 Stratagems of Ancient China: Kill with a borrowed knife.

In this situation she apparently wanted to kill another man's job - and probably via natural extension, his career and any hope of a decent life. It would also have tarnished the reputation of the man she was using as a knife.

Truly a shining example of nastiness and cuntiness.

Also gutlessness, in that she wanted to maintain her "plausible deniability" and similar doublethink horseshit that was undoubtedly in mind. She would remain innocent and smelling like roses, the man who did it for her would have his reputation tarnished.

This is an extreme, of course. In less-extreme cases, she simply "borrows" what somebody else has. Somebody else's effort, skill, sweat.

A lot of maggot-men out there will jump all over each other and fall all over themselves to provide what she desires. Anything for the slightest sniff of that pussy.

Remember not to be the knife in somebody else's hand. Remember that you are deserving of your own respect and the fruits of your own effort.

Remember that in all cases - whether it's "can you help me shift X around" to "Y is a sick piece of shit stalker/I'm afraid/can you go to HR for me/I'm just a poor pathetic helpless woman/please help meee" - it is always a YAWALT situation.

Monday, 25 September 2017


This blog isn't (or hasn't really been) about minimalism and the like. Like my post on not being one dimensional - we are all very different from the shitty stereotypes that are thrown out there. I am not really a minimalist.

However, MGTOW very often go generally minimal. Like I've said many times: I have more spare cash now that I'm single, than I had with a wife who also brought in over $50k a year. That is still true, even after closing the biz down and accepting a lower income. It's less mental stress on the whole, with the added benefit of not giving my crazy ex any of the ongoing cash from the biz.

This is for those who decide they don't really want to do the whole go ghost, reduce taxes, starve the beast stuff. Those who actually have decent jobs. Those who know that they can and are willing to work to become financially independent and retire early. Those who are not sure where to get started doing anything along those lines.

Try looking at /r/leanfire (lean living, financial independence/retiring early). Here is a good place to start for the newer MGTOW. I also suggest Bachelor Pad Economics by Aaron Clary (no that's not my affiliate code, that's the link from his blog - I make zero money from this blog, have no need of it).

Like anything, you have to do the work. We're MGTOW though. No problems with that. We're better at keeping the mouth shut and shoveling the fuckin' gravel. Especially keeping the mouth shut about how your fuckin' financial independence/early retirement plans are generally going. (Fuck bitchez. Get money. Especially don't let the bitchez know you haz money.)

Note: Don't spout any MGTOW beliefs there. Keep a sock in it. Compartmentalize. That's none of their business and will likely alienate the married and simp types. You're going there for the inspiration and ideas, not to proselytize to all and sundry. We're all men, we have the ability to keep it zipped when needed. Slow, subtle, is key.

For those interested, my FIRE number is $600k and I'm at $350k of that right now. I have a fairly consistent 75% SR these days (savings rate, ie 75% of my income goes towards savings for retirement - some of that's into stocks, some into gold and silver, and some into the home (which will be sold when I retire and get a campervan)).

To me that's a fuckin' great position to be in, given that I started with maybe $50k some 6 years ago. Another 6 years and I can retire. Any income after that is going to be pure gravy. Part-time gigs welcome, and that might include photography as well as IT/consulting crapola.

Just because our society is going down the shitter, doesn't mean we have to spend our declining years surviving on a steady diet of cardboard and government cheese. We still enjoy ourselves, in the way we desire.
However you desire.

Thank you for finding this for me again, Andy.
(Note that it's titled "Toyota GT86 - Banned Antifeminist Ad". It's not antifeminist. It's pro-male life, living, and enjoyment - and a little too much raw reality for teh wimminz and their pussy male simps to handle.)

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Stupid Shit Women Do

It's been a fuck it, time to barf up the stupid shit that I've been seeing women do and post and what-fucking-ever.

'Cause let's be blunt. If you can look at what a woman throws up on FaceCrap and suchlike, then you can't help but realize that they are so retarded - they don't know that they are retarded.

If you can't realize that, then you're either a woman and/or retarded.

Over the years we've taken the inevitable progression from: duckface, to twerking, to flipping people off.
Trying to look cute, trying to look stupid, fuck you I'm not trying any more. (While at the same time trying to look good. Mental retardation and disconnect dialled up to eleven.)

Highly fuckable, the lot. The last one is specially brought to us courtesy of the recent antics and mental diseases of feminism.

Definitely the decline and fall of teh wimminz.

What else gets thrown up:
Heart Touching Quotes
Yes, this is a good one! Let's read it, I'm certain there'll be something inspirational for teh gurlz in this one:
LIFE is about trusting your feelings and taking chances, losing
and finding happiness, appreciating the memories, learning from
the past, and realizing people change...!
**Breaking Up and Moving On Quotes**
Aww, how sweet. You no longer have to find an excuse for breaking up with someone. Just have to say "he's changed" or "I've changed". And that you will always appreciate the memories.
"And that you will always appreciate the memories." Yes, I deliberately repeated that twice - for emphasis. Gotta love that self-serving soppiness that teh wimminz throw up out as a self-defense measure.

"Butbutbutbut...I meant it in the nicest possible manner!"

Suuure, sweetheart. A cock - I mean butter, I meant to say butter, nothing to do with the three cocks you swallowed last night - wouldn't melt in your mouth.

It's real easy to break up and move on when:

1/ you're on the cute side of things

2/ you're arranged in a cute posture

3/ you're dressed revealingly

4/ you're willing to part your lips (both ends)

Most importantly of all, of course:

0/ you have no heart and soul

Of course, there are a million suckups lapping up this one's runny shit:

"Wow." (Male, of course.)

"She is cute." (No, it's not the op. You fuckin' retard. Duh.)

"Really beautiful." (Another fucking simp retard.)

"Beautiful post." (A woman, getting inspired to jump ship.)

"100% true, all changing." (A woman, you go girl.)

"Amen." (Another woman, you go girl.)

"Hay." (Male Indian simp. Keep lapping up that runny shit.)

"Nice post." (Female, you go girl.)

"Nice one." (Female, you go girl.)

Et-fucking-cetera. Ad-fucking-nauseum.

Every woman's plugged into the matrix of self-delusional fucking lies. An endless circle-jerk where they stroke each other up, egging each other on, secretly hoping to stab one of the other self-righteously bitchy cunts in the back if/when she fucks her life up terminally.

At which point they can overtly be consoling, covertly sticking the knife in and twisting it more, and inwardly lapping up the schadenfreude and gigging for all they're worth.

They haven't changed any. At least, not for the better.

In the end, we just have to reiterate once more: the whole underlying point of the so-called Red Pill is so that you don't get your dick stuck in the mincer.

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Saturday, 23 September 2017

Anatomy of a Scam

As commentor Ragnar stated on my last post:
National: Give New Zealand to the Chinese. Let them launder their dirty money into New Zealand real estate, thus boosting the wealth of landowners (who tend to vote National) while all other kiwis get priced out of ever owning a house in their own country.
While we're waiting for the election results, I thought about how I'd do it. I decided that the easy way was to have a bunch of Chinese do the following:

Mr A comes in with $100k of dirty money that he vows and avers is clean and legit (har fucking har). He buys a piece of property for $100k.

Mr B comes in with $200k of dirty money and buys the property from Mr A, who walks away with $200k of clean money.

Mrs C comes in with $350k of dirty money and buys the property from Mr B, who walks away with $350k of clean money.

Mr D comes in with $500k of dirty money and buys the property from Mrs C, who walks away with $500k of clean money.

Repeat process as follows: Mrs E, $800k. Mr F, $1.1m. Mr G, $1.4m. Mrs H, $1.9m. Mr I, $2.9m. Mr J, $4.9m. Mrs K, $8.2m.

By this point: $22.35 million has been successfully laundered.

Mrs K now sells to Mr N (a Naive New Zealander) and walks away with $11.7 million - her $8.2 million has been laundered plus she has a cool $3.5 million in extra freebies.

Mr N (and his bank) now finds that the property is actually only worth about $1.8m, on a good day with a strong tail wind. They've just watched $9.9 million evaporate.

Mr N probably goes bankrupt, leaving the bank having to choke down that $9.9 million in losses. Repeat that loss 1,000 times and the bank has lost $9.9 billion dollars. They then fold, their investors getting fucked up the ass for the money the bank should have been a steward for. In extreme situations the government - and taxpayers! - bail the bank out because it's "too big to fail" and it's failure might cause a domino effect of other banks failing in swift succession.

Does this sound a bit like America to you? It sure does to me.

Now, the American bailouts also involved derivatives of "liar loans" - dodgy mortgages sliced finely and bundled together in a lunchmeat of financial interests that even the smart fuckin' quants couldn't keep straight in the end. To the point where quite a few of them were left looking at each other and going: "say, where the fuck is the actual mortgages that these pieces of toxic waste were built on?"

They're currently making a similar Frankenstein lunchmeat with the credit bubble: credit cards, student loans, all that good shit. Again, at the end someone is going to be asking: "say, where the fuck is the actual debts that these pieces of toxic waste were built on?"

But that's just the self-inflicted seppuku of the financial systems over there. Richly deserved and probably taken advantage of by dirty Chinese money as well. After all, when you can launder via property plus leverage and add that rotten horsemeat on the side, you'd be a fool not to do it.

There is some thoughts which occur to me.

How much dirty Chinese money has been laundered through American Treasuries?

How much are they supposedly worth, vs their actual worth?

Who ultimately has those Treasuries in-hand when they fall due?

Not a hot-potato that I want to be holding.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

The Hillary-Jacinda Effect

Here in NZ, we sweated through 9 years of leftist/communist crazy under Helen "the Teeth" Clark, from 1999 to 2008. When "the Teeth" lost the erection in 2008 to National, she had a spaz (threw her toys out of the cot) and went off to the UN.

It seems like every 9 years or so there's a new government gets elected - possibly because the old government has pissed off the new voters, so they dump them and try for their opposite. (That's just a personal theory, no basis in fact.) Looks like this is the next 9-year stretch about to start, with the erection in 2 days time.

What is being called "the Jacinda effect" is from a Helen "the Teeth" Clark clone. The most telling thing is what I'm seeing in the media:

* praise Jacinda (and Labour) to the skies

* spit on all National candidates as being scum of the earth

Now lets be blunt, they're all fucking assholes. Just a bunch of rich, greedy fucks in a popularity contest to see who can get their snout in the public fuckin' trough. Kissing ass and backstabbing all the way up the ladder.

And I am forced to note the eerie similarities between Hillary Clinton and Jacinda Ardern, our local commie cunt. Especially how the local media is slapping her up on a golden pedestal for all to worship.

I think that this is New Zealand's moment of truth, just like what happened between Hillary and Trump in the American election.

We don't have a local edition of Trump to vote for. So, I am going to force myself to go in and vote for National.

Pretty-much anything is better than enduring another dose of "the Teeth" from another fuckin' female wannabe leftist-socialist-commie mein presidente.

Wish us fuckin' luck, we're gonna need it.

(Yes, the New Zealand Labour party started out as a commie/socialist party. We know how well that worked out for Russia and Germany.)