Saturday, 10 March 2018

Legal Brothels and Islam

Back on my post about Third World Shithole Territory, paulmurray makes a comment:
Prostitution is the answer. A few legal brothels in Islamic hot-spots would make the world a safer place.
I thought about it and started writing a comment - then realized the damn thing was turning into a post. So here it is.
Some thoughts:

We have legal prostitution here in New Zealand. The women are still crazy as hell.

Islamic women would never work in the biz. Seriously. Spread their legs for the less-than-elite? When they can share a top-20% man-slave? No way! Even the uglier ones can probably get in the top-40% of men.

Men paying for prostitutes want at least decent-looking ones. Especially Islamic men. The complete fuglies can go to hell, a goat is more attractive.

Which leaves sex-slaves. I suppose that a rich man with several dozen or a hundred surplus sex-slaves could set up a brothel with okay-ish looking women and make a good chunk of money in the process. Being rich, he can set it up legally. (Remember the Golden Rule. He who has the gold, makes the rules. He also fucks is best-looking concubines.)

Note that I say okay-ish looking women. According to the Sharia a man is allowed to fuck and impregnate as many of his concubines aka sex-slaves as he desires. Mohammed said so.

So I guess that we can get rid of our wimminz by exporting them. (Bye-bye Chanty Binx! You will never be missed!) Sadly, that means our okay-ish and better-looking women. Which quite frankly they can have some of them - and they do, when it comes to Dubai Porta Potties and that dead-eyed Russian chick who went over there.

This brings some things to mind:

Should we really export all our slags off to the Middle East? Sell them off as concubines. Maybe even set them up in brothels that we ourselves run for the Islamic men. Might as well make hay while the sun shines.

That would leave our less-than-top-20% of men really desperate for pussy. They might turn into the same low-life scumbags who do what happens in the Middle East. (I mean, chase goats and young boys and each other. Though suicide-bombing too, come to think of it.)

Of course, we could fast-track sexbots. That would solve the humpy-humpy problem straight away.

Now, reproduction and breeding. With less wimminz, our rate of reproduction would drop. Of course, we're already below replacement levels. We should also fast-track artificial wombs.

We may actually be on to a winner here. Export our less-desirable slags to whorehouses in Islamic hot-spots. Just have to make sure to keep Islam as a whole the fuck away from our personal shores.
Note: We can completely ignore the spin-fed articles about Western wimminz birth rate climbing, etc - because "they're just choosing to have them later in life".

Utter bullshit.

A generation is 25 years. If the above is true, it is less-than-relevant. Stretching that generation to 40+ years still puts the West far behind on the reproduction curve in comparison to the rest of the world. We might be smarter, we're still being outbred - because right now the misery of breeding just isn't worthwhile.

Worse, those breeding (any wimminz of 30+ yo) or attempting to breed (because 12% of wimminz under 29yo are sterile), or 30+yo's, according to a Menken-Larsen study in 1986 (interesting that no studies have been published recently). These are not our youngest, most fertile groups of wimminz. They have a higher rate of genetic-deformity (downs syndrome etc).

Not a pretty picture for the West, and fuck the leftists and PC retards who are trying to cover up our decline.

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Sunday, 4 March 2018

Vaginal Access Revoked

Here I am again, once more rehashing a Back to Basics question: What's in it for me? Hide, all you wimminz and leftists, this'll gut you like the catch of the day. (I hope it really hurts.)

For most women, the answer is: "You can fuck me." Also known as vaginal access and prostitution. Hey, fifty bucks is fifty bucks when it comes to the wannabe talent on tinder. You can also enjoy the social status of being the older man with a younger, beautiful girl.

Sometimes, the cheaper ones will say: "You'll feel good about yourself." The intangible feelgoodz of charity and helping and slightly heightened social standing are your reward - at the cost of your personal time and sweat and effort (and sometimes, dignity).

A lot people on the whole push the charity biz to insane levels. Look around you, you'll see your local ones.

Of course, charities thrive on the feelgoodz (duh). Let's quickly examine how this functions in society:

The good feelz of being the "worthwhile" sort of person who gives to others, unselfishly and unstintingly. It's a higher grade of social standing granted to those people providers (aka "good catch men") who earn enough to give to others, either in the form of $$$ or personal time. Preferably the former.

The flipside is the bad feelz of being the "worthless" sort of person who keeps his efforts for himself, selfishly. It's a lowered grade of social ostracism heaped upon those people stingy bastards (aka "cheap fuckers") who prefer to keep the fruits of their hard-earned sweat for their own personal and family use.

Note that I'm stating "men". Women seem to spend more time rather than the $$$ (unless their hubby has the $$$ to spare). I have a sneaking suspicion that many of the women who spend time on charities might be looking for a rich dude with $$$ - and that's a great place to look for 'em. If only to be a piece on the side of some rich, married man.

Being the sidepiece of a rich cock is better'n being married to low-status Bob the Builder or Sid the Street-Sweeper.

Knowing that at least 50% of all $$$ donated goes towards the "administration fees" of the charity (aka feeding some parasite) can cure you of the urge to donate. Admittedly I fell for it in my younger years, in my later years I realized that charity begins at home (aka feeding and looking after your loved ones comes first). Leave it to the rich people with millions to spare to donate some of their excess to charity, they can afford it better'n you'n'me.

At any rate, this is not meant to rag on charities and the like. More power to 'em and those who crave the enhanced social standing from becoming deeply involved with 'em.

This is to talk about vaginal access as espoused by teh wimminz.

The problem is that vaginal access is an intangible. Especially these days. It can be revoked at any time, for any (or no) reason.

Some common situations where your vaginal access becomes revoked can include:

Breaking up. It's just over. "No hard feelings, move on pal - I've already got someone else's cock in me." Monkey branching was never put so kindly. She probably tried several cocks on for size before settling on this one, too.

Separation. When a marriage gets a little stale or on the rocks a little bit. "I feel we just need some time apart for <insert some bullshit or no real reason>." Going off to see if you can still attract cock was never put so pleasantly. And so much less-risky than out-and-out overt cheating.

Divorce. When someone (usually she) realizes decides that a marriage is over. "We just weren't growing together, and if you don't grow together..." Screw you, I actually *can* get other cock. I'm going to cram as much into my cunt as possible for a while, while I search for a better/richer one than yours.

Frivorce. When a marriage is over and I'm going to get every scrap of your blood that I can. "That fucking sonofabitch <insert whatever convenient truths exist or spurious lies you can invent>." Mostly lies. Good luck paying this complete cunt her pound of flesh for the next 15-20 years.

Crazy/extreme vaginal access revocation. When she cuts off your dick ("You ain't getting no vagina from anyone! Suffer you bastard!") or kills you ("Hey, ho, nobody knows - you ain't coming home!").

Good luck keeping that vagina on tap. Your access is so easy to revoke, with minimal to no immediate social consequences for teh wimminz. (To hell with the long-term. Nobody gives a shit about that.)

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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Third World Shithole Territory

Hang on a sec. Eyes, balls, brains - all present and korrekt - let's make the Leftist motherfuckers cry until they wet themselves, like the little pussies they are.

It starts early.

Like the little girls I heard earlier this evening, while I was cleaning my gutters. Sounded like 8-12 age, and singing along to a song that their momma was playing loudly: "I don't giiive a fuck!"

Yay momma! I don't giiive a fuck either! What a prize brood of sluts and slags she is raising razing. This is how it happens.

Let's look at how this kind of thing begins to degenerate into the third world shithole that is places like...the Middle East.

The picture isn't pretty. Still, it's time to join the dots.

Women want only the top 20% of men. The remaining 80% are either invisible or can go fucking die, so far as they are concerned.

In a woman's mind, it is better to be a sex-toy to the top 20% of men than it is to be with those other fucking losers.

So what might that actually look like? Do we have a society on this planet which looks, just a bit, like that?

You know, with Islam, a man can have up to 4 wives.

Let us imagine.

Say that 80% of women are snapped up (relatively speaking) by the top 20% of men. Then the remaining 20% of women goes to the next 10-20% of men. Leaving 60-70% of men free to fuck goats, young boys that they can catch, each other - and also to go straight to Allah and the promised 72 virgins via the only real job that is available:
Hmmm. Interesting.

Islam is reinforced by women. Why not? It's to their advantage. Most of them get to be with the top 20% of men - and it's 100% socially acceptable.

Hmmm. Interesting.

Is that why we have leftists heading over to the Middle East? Teh wimminz wanting to be with fucked by the top 20% of the men, the limp-wristed men soyboys in the delusional expectation of marrying getting their dick into up to 4 women on the regular.

All in a socially acceptable manner, too.

Hmmm. Interesting.

The delusions in this world are amazing.

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It's time to go wandering down the beach again as I chill out some more. It's a cloudless night - take full advantage of life, my brothers!

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Its A Trap!

You thought I was going to yack about Valenshits Day, didn't you?

Hahaha, nope! (Though that is a trap.)


Feminism is an extended infantile tantrum.

Bothering to respond with more than an amused laugh at these retards is falling into the trap. Akin to accepting the bait. Giving them the attention that these retarded children crave.

Academia sure as shit fell into that trap. Bizniz and Das Guberment also.

Of course, Das Guberment makes $$$ off catering to retards, so there's no real surprise there.

Positive or negative attention. Like good and bad advertising - it's still advertising. Spanking a crying child, good or bad attention, it's still attention. Better than nothing.

Feminism and feminists were nothings who were getting nothing. By whining, crying, and screaming - they get something. Some attention is better than none.

Yes, it's good to deconstruct it for the new kids on the block. Poor bastards, we all need it explaining to us to start with. We need that antidote to the brainwashing and lies, the shit-sandwich we were all fed as young'n's.

Getting all riled up over it is giving them more of the attention that they crave-crave-crave.

Why do you think that celebrities come out with stupidly uninformed opinions? Good or bad, it gives them the attention (narcissistic supply) that they crave.

Without that narcissistic supply they are a pathetic nothing.

This is why Jessica Valenti spouts off her horseshit, then goes around wearing a t-shirt that says: "I love male tears" aka I suck cock and swallow. It gives her a lot more of the attention/narcissistic supply that she craves. Without that attention, she wouldn't have anywhere near as much cock to suck and semen to swallow.

Without that acting out, that outspokenness, that spouting of uninformed and stupid drivel - these retards would be faced with their own worthlessness.

Thus: An extended infantile tantrum.
A related anecdote, from about 4 years ago, illustrating the above.

Back when, a fairly skinny vegan chick wanted to go out with me. (Vegans - they seem to be either very chubby or skinny as fuck. It's weird.)

Any rate, I said to her: "I eat meat. You have a problem with that, fuck off." (Because who the fuck wants to be earbashed by some dipshit fanatic. We get enough crap at work, take more shit from the girl we're fucking? Hell no!)

She got all broken up about that and we didn't end up going out/fucking. No problem, thank goodness, one less retard in my life. She finds herself another man in short order.

A few months later she turns up one night with the group - back when I used to go out on the town on the regular - she's got a puffy eye and lip. All the girls are billing and cooing over her, etc etc ad-fucking-nauseum. "That eeeeevil bastard man!" Apparently he's been tooling her up a bit from day dot.

Personal opinion: probably every time she opened her mouth.

I looked at the lot of them and said: "She had problems with me eating meat, yet no problems with getting her teeth punched out on the regular by him? Stupid bitch."

I collected a bunch of hate over that one HAH!

Narcissistic supply. Good or bad, it's better than nothing.

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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Stepping Out

Combination of dealing with too much corporate BS and looking into the pit (of #pizzagate) too much.

Time to go relax on the beach for a while. Be well my brothers!

BPS - out!

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Dear Hollywood Whores

In the same vein as my last post, with girls selling their virginity for as much as possible (hopefully millions of dollars) to pay off their debts and get a kickstart in life:

Dear Hollywood Whores,

You already parted your legs for your million dollars. Maybe more, if you had any vestige of looks and some talent to go with it.

You almost certainly weren't a virgin at the time.

The Hollywood businessman who paid for your non-virgin vagina was most definitely short-changed in the deal. I hope that he at least had MHOG (Multiple Hits On Goal) out of the process.

The rest of us were also short-changed in the deal. We got stuck with looking at your body - because your actual acting ability is probably approaching the zero mark. If not somewhere in the negative range.

What the fuck are you bitching about?


Wednesday, 17 January 2018

The Ton on Violence and Toughness

SFC Ton has an excellent breakdown of the difference between Men and Soyboys:
Three things separate men from soy boys. #1 your capacity and talent for violence, enduring long term exposure to harsh envriomets and facing serious risk to life and limb on the regular. Normally you can’t really separate those three masculine foundations, but sometimes they are. Nor does a man have to go to any real extremes to move from bitch to legit. Get a 3 star rating on all the man card items and you’ll be the type of man most men will want in their platoon
Fucking great, and brings back some old memories that make me laugh my ass off.

Getting old now, the body isn't as resilient as it used to be. Took a tumble on the weekend up in the local hills, had to limp back to the car and head home to heal up. Nothing serious (not broken limbs) - just banged up a little and the right knee twisted. Will be healed up and out there in a couple weekends to do it again - by which time the local shit-and-drizzle weather should be done.

Any rate, Ton's post up there reminded me of my youth. Living in an apartment, one time around midnight-ish I wake up with light on in the lounge. Turned over then remembered that my flatmate was away at a concert up in Auckland, wouldn't be back for a couple of days...

...grabbed a chunk of wood that I keep at the side of the bed and was out there pretty quick and chasing a Maori burglar who'd slipped in the window. Given I was starkers he went the fuck back out that window as fast as he could.

In retrospect I can laugh my ass off about it, at the time I was half-asleep and a little bit drunk, so fairly wound up and adrenaline going. When I'm drunk, I tend to mellow-out and be relaxed. Not that time!

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

The Female Solution to Worthless Degrees™

Sell your virginity to the highest bidder!

Apparently there are two websites who cater to high-end fucktoys that want a kickstart in life, by selling their virginity to the highest bidder:
Back in April, a Hong Kong businessman paid $2.5 million for 18-year-old Romanian lingerie model Aleexandra Khefren’s virginity. She was financially distressed, of course. In fact, millions of millennials around the world are facing financial difficulties and are comfy with trading sex for their next debt servicing payment. [Emphasis mine. - BPS] They are using websites like Cinderella Escorts and SeekingArrangement, two of the most well-known match-makers in the space that facilitate big-ticket trysts.
I have an interesting question for the buyer:

If these girls have gone through the entire school of academic insanity and come out the other side with a Worthless™ degree - how many cocks did she "accidentally fall on" on the way?

A hymenoplasty never felt so good!
You pathetically stupid delusional fuckers HAHAHAHAHAHAH...!

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And a fucksight cheaper than $2.5 million!

Friday, 5 January 2018


Yet another "lure" to draw us back to the plantation. Beloved of the brainwashed, those who believe in twue wuv and mawwaige - rather than blood, sweat and diesel. (And a $20k diamond ring coupled with a $50k ceremony and holiday.)
Perfect™ for those who will *not* examine reality with any form of thought and willingness to examine things critically. (Protip: skip the lot and go on holiday yourself. You'll save an easy $65k - and your life.)

Do any of these images show a spark of life?

Really? Truly?

I see nothing worth chasing. Nothing at all. An empty shell, a mask, a hollowed-out body-shape around an endlessly sucking void.

Is there a woman out there as alive as I am? If so, I haven't met her yet.

To be fair, most men that I've met are just as dead inside. In that way, they match the women that are around.

The eyes are the window to the soul. The Sermon on the Mount, Christ taught that the eyes were the light of the soul.

Malocchio. The Evil Eye. Did you ever wonder where the Italians got that concept from?

When Rome fell, did they learn? Through their own world of pain? They had MGTOW and a Bachelor Tax back then. Men paid. It was better than the other options.

This is the parade of the modern empowered wimminz. Not the soft glide of what I will call the Warmly Alive™. The full-on cold, jerking, brazen Strut of the Slut™.

Cold, dead eyes. There are a lot of them.

Retarded Doublethink Whores

Ran across this from the men on /r/MGTOW, seems to be referencing this page about Japanese wimminz retarded children being tricked into being porn stars whores:
TOKYO: Young, pretty and hoping for stardom, Saki Kozai thought she had found her ticket to fame after an apparent model scout spotted her on a Tokyo street and offered her a job.
Then just 24 years old, starstruck and excited, she quickly signed a deal with the agency he introduced her to, believing that she would soon star in promotion videos.
In fact, it was not a modelling agency, and on her first day Kozai discovered the job required her to have sex on camera.
”I couldn’t take off my clothes. All I could do was cry,” she told AFP, adding that she saw no way out of her dire situation.
”There were about 20 people around me, waiting. No woman could say‘no’ when they’re surrounded like that,” she said.
Kozai, now 30, is among a growing number women who are stepping out of the shadows to say they were forced to work in Japan’s multi-billion-dollar porn industry.
Adult films are widely available in Japan, which has a relatively liberal attitude toward pornography.
But the industry’s dark side is rarely discussed, nor are the rights of those who work in it.
Accusations that women were made to perform in sometimes brutal sex scenes, on film against their will, prompted the industry to issue an unprecedented apology and promise change.
The surprise mea culpa followed the June arrest of three Tokyo talent agents accused of forcing a woman to appear in more than 100 pornographic videos.
Like Kozai, the unnamed woman also thought she would be modelling.
Critics say porn recruiters trick young women -- including minors -- with promises of showbusiness stardom.
In other cases, girls have been lured by a lavish lifestyle before they are put to work in sex films to pay off the “debt”.
Agencies keep them stuck with threats, intimidation and fraudulent contracts.
Ah, so fucking retarded! Let's take a scalpel and mentally dissect these retards - both teh wimminz who are now "bravely speaking out" (hang on, before this they were "brave porn stars" who were "stretching social norms" (plus their vaginas)) and the leftist media who "must raise awareness" of their "plight".

After-The-Fact-Note: I see that commentor DangZagnut did a fine dissection of his own on the /r/MGTOW page. Excellent.

"Young, pretty, and hoping for stardom..." Flattered by the sudden attention that her looks got her, plus greedily jumping for money.

"Then just 24 years old..." At 24 you are an adult, not some stupid little 13yo cunt who lets peer pressure mold her willy-nilly.

"...she quickly signed a deal..." Also at 24 you are supposed to be able to read and write. Comprehension and a reasonable amount of competence is also generally expected of an adult.

"...on her first day Kozai discovered the job required her to have sex on camera." Case in point: you didn't read you stupid cunt.

"...she saw no way out of her dire situation." Because laws and the police do not exist, and asking your family (and even friends) for help is a foreign concept.

"There were about 20 people around me, waiting. No woman could say‘no’ when they’re surrounded like that..." Actually, she could have. They were just waiting, not beating her up and gang-raping her. That would be where the police come in. Except that police and laws do not exist.

"...a growing number women who are stepping out of the shadows to say they were forced to work in Japan’s multi-billion-dollar porn industry." Correction, you were simply too fucking spineless to say the word 'no' (a lot of mangina's have the same issue).

"Adult films are widely available in Japan, which has a relatively liberal attitude toward pornography." Supposedly Japan is the porn capital of the world. I guess like Thailand (especially Bangkok) is the sex capital of the world:
"...women were made to perform in sometimes brutal sex scenes, on film against their will..." Again too spineless to say 'no'. Also, the police and laws do not exist.

"The surprise mea culpa followed the June arrest of three Tokyo talent agents accused of forcing a woman to appear in more than 100 pornographic videos." Again, too spineless to say 'no'. Plus, she never got paid one red cent for getting fucked by other men on camera. Plus, the police and laws do not exist.

"Like Kozai, the unnamed woman also thought she would be modelling." Illiterate once more.

"Critics say porn recruiters trick young women -- including minors -- with promises of showbusiness stardom." These women are adults and chose their path in life. Except in the case of minors - in their case, mommy and daddy have severely fallen down on the job of protecting their children from predators and helping them to make the correct choice in life. It's more important for daddy to work himself to death doing 14+ hour days to support mommy's "lifestyle".

"...girls have been lured by a lavish lifestyle..." These women are adults and chose their path in life. "Moooore coocckkk!" Er, I meant to say: more money! Wait, in porn, that's the same fuckin' thing.

"Agencies keep them stuck with threats, intimidation and fraudulent contracts." Because the police and laws do not exist.

I could continue the dissection with every single word of the article, but hell with it. That's enough.

This is all horseshit. Brave porn starlets becoming #metoo spineless fucktards, now that they're faceplanting the wall - they've been reamed in every single hole repeatedly - and their vaginas have become worn out beef cheddar in a catcher's mitt.

Of course, the leftist media loves these types of doublethink stories. "If it bleeds, it leads."

These used-up whores are coming out of the woodwork to "garner sympathy" and "raise awareness" and become "brave, battling former porn stars" and enough of that too. It's enough to make me vomit.

Executive Summary: Low-class slut runs out of slut-fuel and now is attempting to gather public sympathy for her next role in life (that of "helping" those "poor, poor dears of wimminz" who "suffer" through this type of "exploitation" to "cope").

The only exploitation happening here is of the retarded herd who are incapable of thinking and seeing the bullshit going down with these fucked-up mental cases and their fucked-up enablers and users.

Brought to you by Crap Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.