Monday, 20 November 2017

Not Hiring

I'm on holiday up in the Far North of New Zealand. That's correct: "Far North", capitalised. It is so far north that there is very dodgy signal - definitely not helped by the planned power outage that they are experiencing at the moment. Damifino when this will get posted.

At any rate, got to talking with one of the locals and a tourist - the local owns the tourist-attraction we were at (Gumdiggers Park). We were yakking while his 9kva generator was going in the background. Topics ranged from politics (Jacinda), politics (USA and Trump), Australia, immigrants, minimum wage rise, kids these days, etc etc. The sorta stuff that us old fogies will yack about when we get to talking.

(Here's a hint: a $15 minimum wage will only push the cost of things up. It's currently that here in NZ and they're making noises about putting it up to $20 or something. Fuck, wish I could get a 25% pay-increase!)

Local man started talking about the local young people. He has no staff, so the minimum wage thing won't affect him: there's just him and his wife run things. We asked why no staff. His reply: "They're bloody useless."

Seems that there's an "epidemic" of sponging off the system up here. Blokes with bad backs, girls with six kids being welfare queens, that sort of shit. (Said welfare queens get paid more in the hand than I do, fuuuuuuuck!)

He had one girl, who started out "not too bad". (Not great, just not too bad.) After a month though, one day she turned up and seemed just a little "off"...

He made a few inquiries and it turned out that she's on P (that's meth to you Americans). He had a few words with her, told her that she couldn't turn up like that... (I'd have drop-kicked the bitch on the way out the door - that he didn't shows just how hard it is to find even halfway-decent workers up here.)

A couple more weeks, suddenly she can't come in - she fell over a child's toy and injured herself. (No children.) Doctor, ACC (Accident Compensation Corp), he's still having to cover some of that though. In the end she buggers off, he's out three grand and ACC is out ten or twelve. Most of that she used to get herself a newer car.

About three months down the line, he gets a call from her new employer. They're wondering about his experience with her and his response is along the lines of "You didn't employ her did you...?"

And that's why he's no longer hiring...

Almost 9pm, sun's gone down, alarm is set for 3am. Time for sleep, see what the stars are like when I wake. Night!

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Revealing the Chameleon


Normally I would not get on the bandwagon with this one - because on the whole, it doesn't really matter. (Misogyny lol...nah fuck it, not that interested on the whole. Though it is amusing how the crazy bitches are spinning and spitting. Definitely coughing up a dose of full retard.)

Then I ran across this video - The Haggening:
In the video is a picture of a tweet that went out (I think from the developer):
The female is immunized against all dangers: one may call her a thot, roastie, slut, it all runs off her like water off a raincoat. But take off her makeup and you will be astonished at how she recoils, how injured she is, how she suddenly shrinks back: "I've been found out."
Yes indeed.

From that one tweet, I realized that this is how you shatter that fuckin' pedestal once and for all. How you rip that mindset of pussy-worship out of your head, if you're still struggling with it. Also, how you start to destroy the blue-pill mindset far and wide.

Reveal that fuckin' chameleon, in all it's gory, once and for all.

For this reason, I suggest very strongly that every man should get this app and use it on a couple of the so-called hot stars - and on any girl that he has the hots for. In fact, for any friend of yours who won't shut the fuck up about X girl, tell him: "Just get MakeApp and strip that inch of shit off her face."

It's likely to be a very sobering experience.

For giggles (and my sins - I am definitely going to hell for this one) I used it on several photos to see what the result would be. (You get 5 photos free, more you have to pay a couple bucks for. Yes, I spent a couple bucks.)

Emma Watson (dat luvverly face of the HeForShe movement):
Jessica Valenti (our favorite "I bathe in mens tears" bukkake-freak feminasty):
Scarlett Johansen ('cause who don't like them titties?):
Myself (no, you can't see that) and a female friend (no, you can't see that either).

For myself, it looked like it added about 5 years - a little grungier, a little bit more sunburned, etc. Nothing like what it did to the photo's above. Adding makeup smoothed it all out and made me look about 10 years younger. (No duh, why else do wimminz wear fakeup? It looks actually like this app show's what she will look like 5-10 years in the future. You no longer have to check out the mother as per Terrence Popp's advice - a helluva time- and life-saver by itself.)

My female friend, she actually looked halfway okay. A little paler, the eyelashes gone, the eyebrows a little thinner and washed out. Perhaps the kind of "girl next door" look, from my youth - before girls starting slapping an inch of shit on their faces.

This app seriously needs to go big-time viral. Just for guys who want to destroy their illusions for all time.

Amusingly, there are settings for putting on more makeup ("moar fakeup! bwahahahahah!"). Ho-lee-shit, talk about bad. I am talking sweet transvestite Dr. Frank-N-Furter right outta the Rocky Horror Picture Show freakishly bad.

Come to think of it, that also is worth having the app for. Just to see how freakish this shit can go. Remember, 50 years ago fakeup was only for prostitutes. Now half'a these teenage girls make a prostitute look normal.

Brought to you by Crap Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price. But fuck it, just grab the app and spend a couple bucks on it. HELL of a lot cheaper.

Plus, the Russian developer deserves to get rich from this. To you man: I raise a glass of Grand Marnier. That. Is. Great.


Already happening, from /r/MGTOW:
It helped me get over this girl I was kinda stuck on. Holy crap this is like an app sent from the heavens. Went from an 8 to a 5. The reason why women are freaking out about it is because they KNOW it is accurate. Love you guys
--edit 2--

Perhaps this will destroy the hundred billion selfies a day craze in it's tracks. Also the instagram models and Dubai Porta-Potties biz. No girl who has ever posted a selfie is going to be feeling "safe".

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Fucking Useless

Over on Brett Stevens has a post about why minority groups are poor:
On the nationalist side of politics, we frequently encounter a converse: if our people are thriving, and everyone else is starving, must this not be the result of our actions?
In the common human lexicon, if one group is thriving and another is not, because on a social level we assume them to be the same, this leaves only the conclusion that the thriving group victimized the less-thriving group.
We arrive at this conclusion because the notion of equality commands it. If we say that humans are equal, then we must explain the obvious contradiction of that statement by results in reality, and the only answers available to us involve those unequal people being victims.
On the whole, it is a damn good post - brings up some interesting thoughts. However it is missing something: it's not just African-Americans (or any particular ethnicity). There's poor white trash as well. Poor Amerindian trash. Poor Indian trash. Poor Arab trash. What's missing is what the cause of the problem as a whole is.

Being from the old non-politically-correct days, I can define the cause of the whole problem in three simple words:

They're fucking useless.

Every person on this planet with a fucking brain (that means anyone over 70-IQ) can immediately relate to those three words. They stab right into the gut and strip away all lies and delusions.

Better: those words also apply to every piece of shit who spouts the whole "equality" mantra. They're fucking useless too. If they were of any use they'd go out and succeed, in whatever it is that they do. Instead they make a living enabling the fucking useless.

They can't be successful? Because of whitey? Or men? No. That's why they dribble shit about "equality" - they expect to be the recipients of it. Recipients in the form of "give me a fuckin' handout man, I need it to cope" as a direct parasite, and recipients in the form of "those poor, poor dears - they need a hand - I'll help them to get it" and clipping the ticket on the way through as an indirect parasite.

Including the brainwashing academics who push that horseshit about "equality" to all and sundry.

Remember Monty Python's Life of Brian, where the group yells "splitter!" At that point communism died. Similar, at the point of "they're fucking useless", the entire mantra of equality and feminism and Marxism and socialism died. It's just a walking zombie, rotting away, attempting to survive off the living.

Up to you if you want to let it continue. My preference is Rule #2: Double Tap that motherfucker. Which is the whole point of Going Ghost and not feeding the system.

Now let's make it clear that IQ has very little to do with people who are fucking useless. Some examples:

I have a family member up north in New Zealand, he's very bright - about an IQ127 or so. He's got all the electronics tickets, was doing high-end industrial electronics for years in New Zealand and Australia (dams, electrical distribution, mining, you-name-it). He basically had a large chunk of life handed to him on a plate when his mother (my Grandmother) died. Yet, he's getting old and has basically nothing. He pissed it away. He keeps on pissing it away. He's fucking useless.

Muhammad Ali, Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr., IQ85 according to the army. Sure, not that bright intellectually - yet he was very successful. No way in hell could we put him into the fucking useless camp, despite his brain-injuries from boxing. (Died June 3, 2016 - farewell.)

The brainwashed fools who come out of college, roughly IQ115 yet no skills of any worth, so they go and become Antifa activists. If they were of any use, they wouldn't be rent-a-thugs. They'd be more on the ball, making money, succeeding in life. Instead, they're fucking useless. (Remember a certain person screaming "you're a fucking white male" at a camera? Yeah.)

From these three examples we can see that "fucking useless" is actually a mentality of being lazy and doing stupid shit and expecting everything to be given to you on a fucking plate. For which mentality, every action actually does have an eventual consequence, thank you reality.

You want a shining example of how fucking useless the left as a whole is? Read this and weep. They glorify the process of shitting all over our civilization, our social microclimate.

When it comes to "the poor", history is filled with people who started dirt-poor and who became extremely rich and successful. For all of that, there are still a bunch of people who stay dirt-poor. Plus plenty of people who start out reasonably well-off and piss it all away, ending up dirt-poor.

To all those who are fucking useless, thank you. You pieces of shit show starkly how me and others are so goddamn great. I hope you stay fucking useless and die an ignominious death, old poor and powerless. Even better, from starvation after being denied the opportunity for more parasitism, aka living off my fucking money.

Now fuck off.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Made It - An Email From The Front Lines

I should check my emails a little more often than I do. It's been two-three months.

I am surprised and very pleased to see an email from a man who has made it through what I consider the Shit-Storm From Hell.

I'm going to keep some of what he said anonymous. This is for his protection. From the sounds of it, his ex was a really nasty piece of work. Perhaps nasty enough to run across something online after a few years, and use that as ammunition for another go at him. Some will try that shit. Even decades down the line.

Nope. Not giving her any help with that fucking option if I can help it.

Here is his email. Enjoy.
My handle is YYYYY aka "YYYYY"... I used to blog pretty heavily as YYYYY from Iraq.
At this point, he put in a link to his blog. From what he's written, he's been in Kuwait and Iraq as a contractor. What a shit-show. If you've seen the movie 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, you get the general idea of what this man has been through (though not as a "secret" soldier - quite openly in the building and IT field).

From what I've read on his blog and reading between the lines (opsec stays opsec) that movie has probably been severely toned-down (as in "no fucker would believe the full truth of this shit, let's sanitize it a bunch").
All of it is a pile of shit now, but I wanted to drop you a line and thank you profusely for helping me through my "frivorce".
The bitch tried to take everything... she DID take everything... emotionally speaking. Financially (she stole every dime I made from my 10+ years in various third world shitholes) and when I finally told her that it was -HER- turn to pick up the slack after expending a huge amount of physical capital (end count of injuries include 2 bullet wounds, a rebuilt knee from a suicide bomber... 3 shrapnel wounds and 5+ Traumatic Brain  injuries...PTSD... never mind the lower half of a lung to cancer from the burn pits...)
I literally shed blood for this cunt by the bucketful, and when I finally got -done- as in "I fucking can't do it anymore and hey baby you're making enough that I can stay at home and semi retire" she accused me of felony domestic violence, assault, and child abuse...
Totally pulled the trigger, b/c my money was 'our money' and her money was HER money and fuck off wanker you're of no more use to me...
In the end though, it cost me $18000 in a good lawyer, but I came out with
No alimony (she wanted $1000 a month lifetime)
No more child support... I have 2x spawn, one who is 17 but the court slammed me with the legal max of $860 a month b/c vagina and I was a big eeeeevil man... that shit is OVER now
No paying her lawyers fees
No paying her ANYTHING EVER.
And I got the fucking house... to quote Daffy Duck: "MINEMINEMINEMINE!!!"
Your page tho helped significantly in keeping my "frame" and setting the expectations that it was a war I was in, and I had to forget being 'civilized'...
Many Thanks Sir... keep up the great work... Feel free to use any of the above and if you want to laugh, my blog has a couple of chuckles here n there from the war. One of these days I might get back into it.
Best Regards
Man, you are most welcome. And I do not consider it a piece of shit.

And I have enjoyed your blog. Some of it makes me laugh, some of it makes me whistle, some of it makes me wince. Digging between the lines especially. One helluva read.

This man was blogging from Kuwait/Iraq in 2008/2009, before the government  of the time (the Obama fuckers and co) started censoring everything under the sun that might leak out of the armed forces on the ground. Yes we (the media) have been making Bush look like shit - but can't have Obama looking bad, now can we. (Funny how blacks went downhill economically under his watch. Very funny. Not. How's that for bad?)

The point of censoring seems to have started in 2009 - years ago - this man was the big Four Oh at the time, had been around there for 6 years, and my God. Shot and blown to doll-rags, PTSD from a million tons of shit that we never hear about in the media. Eventually goes home, says "gal, I'm shot to shit, I'm semi-retiring and you can carry the load for a time". (Note: semi-retire. Not retire. He will do *something* - it might take a little time to get going, however it's built-in to men like him.)

Well, she blew it. As he states: frivorce. Only, he did exceptionally well. He got a damn good lawyer, paid the man well, and basically came out way ahead of what most men going through a frivorce do. (Praise that lawyer to the skies and put his name out there to anyone in trouble - he was very well-worth the money spent.) It sounds like it took a few years - some child-support and the like for a while - yet he has gotten through it. He's now out the other side.

From what he's stated up there, the best takeaway lesson from this: he "had to forget being 'civilized'". He realized that someone who would do what his ex did, to someone who supported and loved her and their children for years, was not his friend. Was deep-down in fact a stone-cold enemy.

I hope your kids aren't too screwed up by this, and that you get some time eventually to relax with 'em.

I'm glad that this blog helped you through that. Grab yourself a drink of your choice, try not to scare the crap out of my neighbor - she's elderly and getting very frail heh!

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Coddled to Death

I sometimes think that we have made a society that is "too safe".

This is a damned crazy statement on the surface.

Yet, so is teh wimminz and leftists insistence on safe spaces and the like - walls around themselves, which if you breach you invite insane behavior to repel you. Further, when they come out from those walls, they want to bring the walls with them - thus the insistence on having things their way, and going batshit insane when things don't.

Sensible people avoid the crazies as much as possible, since reality no longer kills them off for exhibiting such insane life- and reality-denying behavior. Which our avoidance is actually fine by these crazy motherfuckers. Us avoiding them means (in their mind) that they've "won", which validates their insanity and encourages them to produce more.

Think of it as a socially-inspired land-grab by the insane, causing what might be called the "white flight" of the sane away from them.

Vox Day was not kidding when he wrote that SJWs always lie. He falls far short in his thinking, though. They're not "lying". They're insane. They are brainwashed to the point of being mentally crippled, defective, incapable of accepting reality. Which is why these lunatics always double-down on the stupidity. Reality is a direct and ultimate threat to these lunatics world-view. For anybody, when your world-view is threatened you tend to fight to protect it.

This draws parallels with our so-called "blue pill" vs "red pill" for world-view vs reality. Some people accept the red pill and thus accept reality. (Or what we say is reality. Is it really? Personally I'll accept it as a fucksight better working map of reality than the blue-pill mindset.) Some people reject the red pill of reality and double-down on their world-view of insanity. Blue pill cucks who get married the second, third, fourth single mommies...

When it comes to feminists, leftists, SJWs, marxists, etc - the rest of us are forced to retreat in a state of shock from this lunacy.

By this measure the world (Western Society) is insane. The stupids and crazies are in charge. All that we can do is hunker down, weather the storm, hope and do our best to make sure that there's something worthwhile left once it all has eventually collapsed and burned.

Yes, it may be changing, with Donald Trump and all out there. Draining the swamp, making America great again, etc etc. I'm not banking on it. I'm preparing for things to get worse - Trump can still be taken out by a bullet, just like JFK, assuming that he's so effective a leader that they want to get rid of him that badly.

By preparing for worse, the chances are that I might actually end up pleasantly surprised.

Going back to the safety biz. Curiously, it is teh wimminz who want safety and ease so much - then seem incapable of enjoying it once their men have provided.

Something deep in people's lizard-brain can't handle being disconnected from reality and life to this degree. Too much ease, too much laziness, and it starts going around in circles biting itself in the middle of the back. Just like Agent Smith stated in The Matrix:
Did you know that the first Matrix was designed to be a perfect human world? Where none suffered, where everyone would be happy. It was a disaster. No one would accept the program. Entire crops were lost.
Some believed we lacked the programming language to describe your perfect world. But I believe that, as a species, human beings define their reality through suffering and misery. The perfect world was a dream that your primitive cerebrum kept trying to wake up from. Which is why the Matrix was redesigned to this: the peak of your civilization.
For 2 million years, humanity has struggled on this planet. Clawing our way up on the path from scavenger, to gatherer, hunter, stone age, agriculture, copper age, bronze age, iron age, steam age, what might be called the oil age, the transistor age, computer age, nuclear age. Onwards to the nanotech age, biology age, true space age (colonizing our solar system), perhaps eventually the star age (depending on the energies required), etc.

Only in the last hundred or so years have we gotten to the point where the lowest levels of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs has been automatically satisfied for even the poorest levels of Western Society. Physiological needs (air, food, water, shelter) and Safety needs (security, health and well-being, safety-nets for emergencies).

As far as societies go though, we don't seem to manage to get past this "point of ease". At least, none of the societies that we know of have managed it in the past 10,000 years. Looking at history, a good number of the societies which collapsed (not via resource exhaustion or changes in weather-patterns) did what we're doing: ease leads to relaxing standards (including standards of comportment for both men and women) and then socially we go down the toilet to an inevitable collapse.

Something about a surfeit at the bottom levels of Maslow's Hierarchy makes it impossible - or perhaps poisons? - the next two levels: Love and Belonging, and Esteem. Which is a possible reason why we have the divorce epidemic with multiple Russian brides going on, plus the narcissism index off the charts.

For men, it's easier to deal with. We get restless, we go out and do something. Build something, do some hiking, adventure stuff like base jumping, hiking, hunting, fishing, etc. We do something of personal value, or it puts us back into touch with nature and our natural selves. Even so, once we're successful, we can get into some weird-ass states of mind. Once you've achieved everything you want to - what next? Sometimes, the "what next?" has no answer and involves suicide...

Women don't have that outlet for energy. Thus, the crazed urge for horseshit and drama. This behavior being also exhibited by the low-estrogen pussies who follow them around, like pajamaboy and similar leftist/SJW/antifa types.

And that seems to be a large part of what is currently tearing apart Western Society.

Worse though, we can't get to the next stages: Self-Actualization and Self-Transcendence. Our society is being held back and torn apart, we as individuals are being held back and torn apart. There is no "goal" at the present - as a society, over 2 million years, we've not progressed that far - and being goalless, we fall into paying attention to stupid shit like the Karcrapdians and Mz "Show us your dick Bruce!" Jenner.

We've made things too safe at the most basic of levels.

The earlier struggles of basic survival prepared us for the next struggles of security, stability, and safety. Those shared struggles helped a man-and-woman to knit things together as a family. Success gave us esteem in our own eyes and that of others, and society as a whole - which benefited immensely in the process. People struggled further to achieve their "best self", becoming as fully-actualized as possible. Eventually, we transcended that and gave back to society as a whole, improving the lot of generations to come - not just our own families.

These days we are soft, wrapped in cotton wool, to the point where it is killing us.

There is no struggle, no sense of achievement, for the most basic necessities in life. Without that struggle, without that sense of achievement, we cannot then graduate to the next struggle and achievement. We don't have the basic guts and mindset required.

Humorously, this is why Aaron Clarey despises the Millennials. Us Gen-Xers aren't so hot, but those kids - fuckin' parasites from the womb. They just sit there suckin' their thumbs and waiting for the next handout. Ironically, this is because the stupid bastards of the Boomers and my generation doubled-down on the free-shit mentality - and that's all she wrote.

Sheeeit. Fucked and coddled to death.

Brought to you by Crap-Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Peak Retard

Looking at the world at large, you might be forgiven for thinking that we have achieved Peak Retard™.

After all, the retards are in charge, right?

Where I work, the CEO is basically like this (yes he comes to work in a car with tyres that are worth $3k apiece - and he has 2-3 mistresses in different parts of New Zealand):
Go ahead, give the screw another turn. I can fucking take it.

Here in New Zealand, the Labour Communist Party is running the show. Then whines when the National Party refuses to play ball politically.
Bitch, please. You might be a Helen Clark clone, with those big fuckin' snaggly teeth and all, but the U-fuckin'-N position is a decade away yet.

Of course, we have the usual dysfunctional skanks and hoes proclaiming that they don't need no man, are strong and independent, give the world (especially men) the finger, and then have a pity-me whine about where are all the good men.
I can hear that vagina drying out, crinkling like cellophane. Hilarious dose of sand-bucket occurring right there.

There are the half-bright asshats of Antifa doing their version of helter-skelter across the now-semi-civilized USA. Where even the freaking professors in Academia go and beat someone up with a bicycle chain lock and expect to get away with it.
How supposedly intelligent people can be so moronic - fuck, I'm at a loss.

Women who flip off the Presidential vehicles - multiple times - and brag about it to the world.
No, sweetheart. They shouldn't have fired you. Yes, they are fuckin' sexist motherfuckin' pigs for doing that. How dare they! You have the right!

Of course there is our constant cultural enrichment, with the fervent encouragement of the leftist and feminist crazies crying and begging for some serious "diversity".
Please, take my goat. It's a virgin. Just sayin'.

Awww, I almost forgot. Mass murder is *good* when done by an oppressed minority, like driving a truck into a crowd of pedestrians and cyclists. Remember children: white men are responsible for every single evil in the world, all throughout history, have never suffered, and are the biggest upholders of patriarchal hatred and race-crimes ever.
Yes, I know your daddy was white. You're white too. You should cut your own throat out of shame, kid.

With all this, you think we have achieved Peak Retard™?

No. Nowhere near. There's a long, long way to go yet.

Probably longer than my lifetime.

"The Market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent."

"Society can get crazier and crazier longer than you will survive."

When it goes *pop* - what then?

Fuck knows. I won't be around to see it. Possibly, neither will a good number of you.

In the meantime, we just have to keep it on the down-low. There's no need for us to get caught up in the gears of slavery. We have, and we take, the choice of opting out. Stay away from the plantation, enjoy the trail, catch some fish, and watch the stars.

Good luck, my brothers.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Basically Unattractive

Some thoughts on the boner killer...

You see some skinny, nerdy man wandering around with a landwhale.

Your thoughts might go along the lines of: "Dude, you can do so much better looks-wise!"


It isn't that he can't do better. He probably could. If he could handle the stupid shit and generic retardedness.

I have had so many experiences where I've basically turned down sex with some fairly decent-looking girls.

I'm not talking 10's - I've never run across a 10 in my life, so far as I can tell. To me, for a girl to be a 10 requires a decent personality and a little smarts. As I think various people have stated over the years:

* hotter the looks

* higher the entitlement

* lower the intelligence

* crappier the personality

When I state "crappy personality" - any attractive woman can be nice as pie when things are going her way, when she's getting the attention that she thinks she's entitled to, etc. When the spokes come off the wheels and she flips her shit, that's when the rubber has really met the road and you have learned exactly what her personality is like.

It's called reality, cunt. It's a bitch, just like life being a bitch as you get haggard when you get older and your youth of alcohol, fucking, and smoking like a chimney really shines through. Beauty really is skin deep, and your skin has gone to hell and back. It got branded a few dozen times on the way too.

Back to nerdy guys. They may be like me.

Looks: Hooo boy! I'm'a up that like a rat up a drainpipe!

Opens her mouth: *wilt*

It's a different take on it. Whether it's accurate? Fucked if I know.

All that I know is that I've never really been able to get the hots for the overtly selfish, entitled, crazy types. Which is probably how I got blindsided by a well-concealed BPD/NPD type.

That chameleon aka NAWALT fooled me.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

The Pity Game

Also known as playing the victim.

This has sort of been bouncing around in the back of my head for about six months - after watching this video from Popp and Blake, in response to teh wimminz whining about "where have all the good men gone?" (Wah.)
Mansplaining accusations aside...

...this is actually not a serious question from teh wimminz.

This is actually female posturing. It's actually a coupling of:

* slinging out a fishhook for a male pussy to look after them

* shaming of all men around them at the moment (for not stepping up to the plate)

* gathering of pity and validation from all the fellow-wimminz in earshot

That trifecta puts this rhetorical question into the "heavy-duty shit-test" bracket. Not nuclear, just seriously heavy-duty.

As Popp states in the video: a retread woman ain't worth shit.

So effectively, the only real answer to this heavy-duty (monumental?) civilization-wide shit-test is as follows:
You are 35+ years old. You have taken it in every hole from a variety of men for 20 fucking years. If you're halfway good-looking you can continue to do so for a little while longer. You've probably had more STDs than I've had hot dinners. This puts you on par with a well-used piece of chewing gum, scraped from the bottom of the retarded kid's school desk.
Nobody in his right fucking mind is going to be doing more than dropping a fuck into you. Only a pathetic simp is going to be putting a $2,000 ring on your finger. Only a pathetic simp is going to be giving you a $20,000+ wedding-and-honeymoon package. You expect that, you fuckin' crazy - and nobody with a brain wants to fuck crazy.
The best part is that you fucked up yourself. You decided that The Cock™ was more important than your future. In fact, your parents decided that you were right! They supported you all the way! You go girl! So now, your future is toast. Feel the burn.
And then get up and walk away. After all, it's just a wad of well-chewed chewing gum. Nothing particularly interesting there at all. Especially amongst all the male and female hangers-on, who support that piece of shit.

Brought to you by Crap-Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017


The importance of standards, an interactive example with a wimminz from a couple of days ago:

Her: You need to lower your standards.

Me: You need to marry an alcoholic chain-smoker. One packing 150 kilos of pure fat.

Her: ...

Me: Hypocrite.

That last said while openly laughing in her face. She started giggling in return.

I don't smoke, neither does she. I drink a little, ditto. I'm currently single, ditto. I'm generally slim and in shape, ditto.

Yeah, I should lower my standards and chase an alcoholic chain-smoker fatty (common as dirt here and worth about as much). Like that's going to happen.

Yeah, she really should lower her standards and marry an alcoholic chain-smoker fatty. Like that's going to happen.

Small, gentle digs, to let 'em know that you're onto their horseshit.

There's no need to go nuclear every time. Save that for the psycho pieces of shit who go nuclear on you.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Epic Brutality

Over on /r/MGTOW is a post from the UK, where some counselling service reports that there is a 40% increase in men going off sex in the past decade.

A commentor DangZagnut gives them a roasting of epic brutality (italics are quotes from the Daily Fail article):
Men are often the ones who stop wanting sex in long-term relationships, says sex and relationship expert Tracey Cox. Indeed, UK counselling service Relate reported a 40 per cent increase from the previous decade in the number of men claiming to have gone off sex. Here, Tracey writes exclusively for FEMAIL, sharing her tips on how to get your man back into bed.
Because you become boring bitches who whine all the time. Why? You don't want sex. You crave intimacy to increase resource extraction, but women do not get horny like men, they lack the hormonal cocktail other than about 2 days a month. Women just don't want it. You want cash. And attention. But fucking? You don't care unless money and attention are involved.
Men, having all that toxic masculinity, surprisingly, get emotionally tired of dealing with you, and after the 50th rejection by their starfish masturbation wife, just give up and can just jerk it in 5 minutes in the bathroom.
Contrary to popular opinion that has the wife turning to face the wall 'with a headache', its often the man who decides to stop having sex in long-term relationships.
Because women don't want sex. They don't give a shit. And after a couple rejections, the guy turns to porn on his phone. Because you're ugly, emotionally, and physically.
The lie that men aren't emotional just shows what a hate group feminism is. Men have lots of emotions. We know what rejection feels like. And mix that in with us having to put all the energy in for women's attention seeking, and then have to somehow get aroused, which is impossible with a bitch we have responsibility for, and do all the sexual work, including maintaining an erection over your fat fucking boring ass. Is it surprising it isn't worth it?
You get aroused by a daughter? No? Why. Because you have to parent and deal with her every fucking minute. Your wife is no different. She's just another ugly child.
Ladies, we just want to cum. You piss us off that day, we don't care about you. Your constant bitching and being a cunt is why no one wants to fuck you.
We just don't hear about it because no one talks about it.
Oh we're talking about it. Women aren't worth a fuck, that's why long term relationships are a waste of time.
He doesn't because he's embarrassed (society says all men should be up for it all of the time).
Not society. Women specifically. They're the ones bitching about it. The guy stops caring. He tries some Viagra, to help the relationship, but he doesn't really care. The majority of men take Viagra to keep the cunt from flapping her bitch mouth. Men take boner pills for their partner.
Women don't understand that, but men can completely ejaculate with ED. The sexual urge for you is what's missing. Porn works just fine.
You don't because you think it makes you look bad (you're lousy in bed, married to a closet gay guy, just not sexy any more etc).
I know you're just a woman, but you're the problem here. Men, by and large, give a lot less of a shit than you think. And look bad to who? You think we go talk about this nonsense at the bar? No, this is women socializing this nonsense.
UK counselling service Relate reported a 40 per cent increase from the previous decade in the number of men claiming to have gone off sex.
You mean sex with boring ass nagging wives.
These aren't men with erection problems, these are men who aren't interested in getting one.
Because you keep whining about toxic masculinity and sexual assault. So what's your problem bitch? You don't want to be groped, don't want to be sexualized. So be happy no one wants to. You're not objectified. Men are supporting you by not raping you with their gaze, so stop fucking bitching about getting what you want.
Also, bitch, you have no right to sex. My body my choice. You're a masturbation device that occasionally makes babies. Outside of that you're not very interesting. How alluring do you think your fat ass is? You are neither sexy nor exciting. You're an unattractive old hole. And replaceable. So you better start doing more than star fishing in bed and complaining.
There is good news though: his low libido often has nothing to do with him not loving you or finding you attractive.
Then why do guys still like porn? And masturbate? Because you're unattractive and a nagging bitch. Complaining all the time while providing no value.
Thirdly, there's lots you can do to fix it.
Nope, you can't, because you'll never admit you're the problem.
HOW TO GET HIM BACK INTO BED Stop trying to seduce him if it's not working
Stop being a fucking constant bitch, and it's amazing how men will want to cuddle, snuggle, and snog. I know you're not used to putting any work into a relationship, but you need to start. Stop being a fucking bitch, and you'll need to maintain that for months before he trusts you enough to want to fuck you. because he knows you're only doing it for personal gain, not because you care about his sexuality.
Will it work for you? It depends on why he's off sex in the first place.
Because of you. But you won't change. So leave now. Admit you're the 100% problem here. Or get a car and a vibe.
Don't overreact to any erection problems His penis isn't 18 any more and he's fighting it all the way.
Sure, ED happens, mostly because of you, but there are heart issues and blood pressure that causes the inability of the vaso changes necessary to create a hydraulic issue in the penis. There is medication for that heart issue. But just make fun of guys on Viagra some more. "Outlaw viagra and watch abortion clinics be legal". Remember all that? Of course you did, you wandered around in the dark on a slut walk about it. You hate men. You don't think men saw that? You're a bitch lady. No one gets a hard dick for bitches.
You know he's taking ED meds for you right? To shut you up? He clearly doesn't care. This is 100% a you problem.
Also, stop driving him to be an alcoholic to deal with your unpleasant bitch face. That affects boners too.
Once again, and pay attention ladies, stop being a bitch, for years at a time so he might consider wasting time loving you.
When a man stops fucking you, you're the reason. That's it. Simple. He doesn't want to fuck you. because you're an ugly bitch, inside and out. But do not every do anything to change that. wink
Ask for one thing at a time Because women are so good at processing information and articulating thoughts, we'll often fire off 10 requests and possible solutions in the one chat. Meanwhile, he's back at point one while you're rattling off number eight.
No you're not, you're describing bitching and moaning about shit you refuse to solve and want him to. He's tired. I know your bullshit paper shuffling job doesn't require a lot. But he did actual work all day, and you drank coffee and moved slightly. He's tired. You're useless and the second he comes home you start being a mega-cunt. That's what you do. That's all you know. Complaining. So you're bitching and requesting things. Do you dumb bitches even realize that when you start tasking a man like a Sim he doesn't find you attractive? We're not your galley slave.
Oh yay! I worked all day, you prepared something microwaved out of a can, and now, yay, I get a bunch of instructions to please you in bed?
What exactly have you done to make my life serene and happy. Mandatory nagging? Go fuck yourself.
Instead say, 'I love it when you kiss my neck' or 'If you don't feel like sex, would it be okay if you gave me oral sex sometimes?'.
Yeah I'll do what I want in bed, it's about time I enjoyed something for once. How about you blow me for once? Just nurse on my limp, ED cock. But no. That would be work on your part, and sex for you is a transactional system for money. It's not like you possess empathy to possibly sacrifice a fucking thing to please a man. What would the collective think?!?!?1 You won't get feminist points otherwise.
Find out what turns him on You already know the answer to that one, right? You sure about that?
You not only don't know what turns a man on, you just don't give a shit. Anything that requires the expenditure of 1 calorie is verboten. You'd have to do sex. And you don't want to do that. You have to like, look pretty, be pleasant, give your man a foot rub when he gets home, pour him a drink, give him a meal, be attractive...
Fuck that noise. You have nagging for more consumerism you don't need. How many bread makers do you really need?
And I'm not talking during the courting phase, I mean after you've been together for ten years. Bitches don't care about your sexual happiness. What they're hoping for is you to have needs and cheat so you can go divorce rape you for your primary desire, money.
Look at his lifestyle He's fine emotionally but nothing's working physically?
Yes, like you care about his emotions of physicality? You care about bank statements. And if he'll die early so you can fuck the tennis pro. You don't care. Let me state it again. You don't care. We know you don't care.
Go fuck yourself.
Get him to cut back on alcohol, quit smoking, exercise, reduce stress wherever possible, get enough sleep. Get him to see a doctor if you think he may be suffering from low testosterone or may need medication. Tracey Cox explains the impact of love and sex hormones
So make him miserable. Drugs and alcohol is his reaction to how horrible you are, because that's all he has left.
So increase nagging 100x. That'll get you laid more.
Whatever you do, never change how you are in a relationship. It's a him problem.
Help him deal with stress rather than add to it
HAHAHAHAHhahahaha. Skip.
Brilliant man. "Go fuck yourself." As articulated by me in my post, The Final Answer: What Is MGTOW? This man gets it.

Overall rating: Bullet Hits The Bone. (I suspect that many of us, too, feel like we've walked into the Twilight Zone. At least, in the initial stages of awakening.)
Some special things to note from this:

Almost overwhelmingly, women are in the biz of counselling (with a few notable exceptions).

Almost overwhelmingly, it's all his fault (no exceptions).

Almost overwhelmingly, women are the cause of divorces (because they truly do not give a shit about sex, except...)

Almost overwhelmingly, women care about sex only as a lever (because once he's no longer interested in fucking her shitty ass, she - and her vagina - has lost the only value it ever had).

DangZagnut - to you I hoist a glass of Grand Marnier. Skoal, brother!